Asset Management

DSK Business Partner Gold Volume



Who is it for?

This service is appropriate for Small enterprises with up to 3 million annual revenue and public organizations with multiple transactions

Free of charge:

  • Account opening and maintenance of up to 2 current accounts (one main account in BGN and additional one in BGN/EUR/USD)

  • Issuance, reissuance upon expiration of the validity term and maintenance of up to 5 DSK business debit cards (Debit MasterCard Business/Visa Business brands)

  • Card transactions - withdrawal and cash depositing at DSK ATMs (for main and additional cards)

  • Electronic banking under the “VOLUME” tariff plan of DSK Direct - no monthly fee

  • Transactions via E-channel:

    • unlimited number of internal transfers;

    • up to 40 outgoing transfers (BISERA only)

  • Depositing of cash /banknotes/ at a teller desk up to a total daily limit of BGN 5 000*

  • Withdrawal of cash /banknotes/ at a teller desk up to a total daily limit of BGN 3 000*

  • POS installation at client’s place

  • Mass payroll to open accounts at DSK for 3 employees minimum

  • Monthly fee of 1 package for the Company’s Manager as a Private banking client


  • Up to 5 DSK debit cards with 50% discount from the Bank’s Tariff on the maintenance fee

*Cash deposit and withdrawal in excess of the daily limit are charged as per the actual Bank’s Tariff

Monthly fee BGN 62/ Annual fee BGN 682




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