Asset Management

DSK Business Partner Platinum Volume


The most frequently used services by your business, related to management of available cash, combined with online transactions

Appropriate for Small enterprises with annual revenue of up to 3 million BGN and public organizations with multiple transactions

Free of charge:

  • Account opening and maintenance of up to 2 current accounts (one main account in BGN and additional one in BGN/EUR/USD)

  • Issuance, reissuance upon expiration of the validity term and maintenance of up to 7 DSK business debit cards (Debit MasterCard Business/Visa Business brands)

  • Card transactions - withdrawal and cash depositing at DSK ATMs (for main and additional cards)

  • Electronic banking under the “VOLUME” tariff plan of DSK Direct - no monthly fee

  • Transactions via E-channel:

    • unlimited number of internal transfers

    • up to 100 outgoing transfers (BISERA only)

  • Depositing of cash /banknotes/ at a teller desk up to a total daily limit of BGN 10 000*

  • Withdrawal of cash /banknotes/ at a teller desk up to a total daily limit of BGN 5 000*

  • POS installation at client’s place

  • Mass payroll to open accounts at DSK

  • Monthly fee of 1 package for the Company’s Manager as a Private banking client



  • Up to 5 DSK debit cards with 50% discount from the Bank’s Tariff on the maintenance fee

*Cash deposit and withdrawal in excess of the daily limit are charged as per the actual Bank’s Tariff

Monthly fee BGN 119/ Annual fee BGN 1 309



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