Dear clients,

Your opinion and recommendations are very important so we can improve the customer service quality.

In order to keep track of the service quality in our offices, and improve our services, we create regular surveys so we can collect feedback from our clients. The channels from where we receive feedback are:

  • Office locations

  • By telephone through our contact centers or through an agency

  • Through SMS message with a link to our platform for customer feedback

  • Through our website and digital applications

  • Through individual interviews

  • Through focus groups

DSK Bank conducts research in the form of a “Secret Client” in order to monitor the quality of our customer service in the bank branches and other channels.

We also conduct research amongst our staff, in order to make sure that our personnel is perfectly ready to meet the high expectations of our clients.

This is not a form for submitting complaints and grievances. If you want to report a problem, please complete and submit the feedback form so that we can respond to you in due time.

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