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"I love my hometown Sofia and I am happy to stand behind the initiative "A City as its People", which aims to make it even more beautiful."

DSK Helps Art and urban development Naum Shopov
Children and Education

We help Children and Education

Children are the future of a nation and their development and education from a very early age is of utmost importance for their further integration into society. This is also our driving force to create and participate in projects supporting the development of children in Bulgaria.

Our long-standing partnership with SOS Children's Villages began more than 10 years ago. DSK Bank is the largest corporate donor to the cause of children's villages. Each year we support two foster families through corporate sponsorship, and we also provide the opportunity for any of our customers or employees to contribute to the cause by donating through ATM devices and online banking.


In addition to monetary resources, we give children with the most precious thing - time and attention. In 2021, sixteen of our colleagues participated in online training sessions that covered two main topics: financial literacy and my first job. They aimed to increase young people's financial literacy and make them more self-reliant.

We have other activities planned for this year to give more of our time to the children of SOS Children's Villages.

"I love my hometown Sofia and I am happy to stand behind the initiative "A City as its People", which aims to make it even more beautiful."

Naum Shopov,
DSK Helps Art and urban development Naum Shopov

Results of our partnership with

DSK Bank and SOS Children's Villages

Total donated funds
for a period of 10 years

4 506 000BGN
432 000 BGN
Corporate donation supporting 124 children
4 074 000 BGN
Donations collected through ATMs
(December 2015 - December 2020)

The number of children and young people we have supported for a period of 6 years:

503 children

Supported children in foster care

278 children

Supported children in SOS Youth Homes

215 young people

Supported young people in the Home Independent Program

1 630 children

Supported children in the Centre for Community Support /Family Support and Prevention of Separation/  

DSK helps to children and education

16 of DSK Bank’s employees volunteered to conduct online financial classes for the young people of SOS Children’s Villages

Children and Education DSK Bank

Young people’s financial literacy is one of DSK Bank’s main sustainable development goals

DSK Bank in aid of nature

We help Nature


In recent years, DSK Bank has been actively supporting and financing green projects. At the end of 2021, green investments make up nearly BGN 86 million of the Bank's loan portfolio. They are mostly related to the construction of solar and wind farms.

In addition, in partnership with the Regional Urban Development Fund (RUDF), we support a variety of sustainable projects related to improving energy efficiency and renovating a number of public buildings in the country, including community centres, libraries, concert halls, museums, etc.


From 1 April 2022, we are also launching our major program with Mastercard - Mastercard Wildlife Impact Card. By joining this programme, DSK Bank becomes the first European bank to offer Mastercard debit cards made from recycled material and in support of biodiversity.. 

For every Mastercard Wildlife Impact Card issued, we at DSK Bank and Mastercard donate one dollar to Conservation International to help protect and restore wildlife habitats. By 2030, this project will cover priority areas equivalent to 40 million hectares of land and 4.5 million square kilometres of water worldwide.

In addition to the material from which it is made, the card enables customers who so choose to get involved in the conservation of 2,000 critically endangered species, including African forest elephant, black and white maned lemur, yellow-tailed woolly monkey and pangolin.


In addition, together with RUDF and our subsidiary OTP Leasing, DSK Bank is involved in financing a number of projects to provide environmentally friendly public transport in the country.


Green Week is our gesture to nature. We organize it every season. Under the motto "DSK Bank - With Tomorrow in Mind!", within a week, we share with colleagues and discuss information, facts, advice on a selected green topic, which is different for each publication - water, waste, paper and electricity. We are also involved in exciting green challenges, with the ultimate goal of higher environmental commitment and a cleaner environment.


"I love my hometown Sofia and I am happy to stand behind the initiative "A City as its People", which aims to make it even more beautiful."

Naum Shopov,
DSK Helps Art and urban development Naum Shopov
Saving the white bears DSK Bank

We have launched a campaign to reduce our team's carbon footprint

DSK OneTree Bank initiative

The OneTree initiative is launching so that we can create an interactive digital map of the trees in Sofia

Green week at DSK Bank

Green Week – an internal initiative of DSK Bank to protect the environment

A City as its People
03-art and city

Art and urban development

Our mission: to live in a city as its people

Sofia belongs to each of us and we all shape its image. Sofia means "City of Wisdom", but is full with graffiti sending messages of hatred and intolerance, drawing lines of division between different people.

At DSK Bank we believe that Sofia can be better. That everyone should feel accepted. That the walls that divide us can bring us together. That the walls that divide us can bring us together.

We can prove it together with you.

Изкуство и градска среда

Нашата мисия: Да живеем в град като хората

София е на всеки един от нас и всички ние оформяме облика ѝ. София означава „Град на Премъдрост“, но е осеяна с надраскани стени, отправящи послания на омраза и нетърпимост, чертаещи линии на разделение между различните хора.

В Банка ДСК вярваме, че София може да е по-добра. Че всеки трябва да се чувства приет. Че стените, които ни делят, могат да ни съберат.

Заедно с теб можем да го докажем.

Посланици на кампанията

"I love my hometown Sofia and I am happy to stand behind the initiative "A City as its People", which aims to make it even more beautiful."

Naum Shopov,
DSK Helps Art and urban development Naum Shopov

Realization of the project City as its People:

In 2021, we launched our project "A City as its People". We wanted to draw attention to the problem of vandalism and ugly signs. By beautifying a corner of the capital, we showed that the buildings and walls of Sofia can be canvases for beautiful street art, the so-called mural and this is an artistic way to tackle the problem.

For our mission we found like-minded people in the person of Divna, Elitsa Behar and Naum Shopov. Here is their motivation to join our cause:

Campaign ambassadors

"I love my hometown Sofia and I am happy to stand behind the initiative "A City as its People", which aims to make it even more beautiful."

Naum Shopov
DSK Helps Art and urban development Naum Shopov

140 Ideas is a team of artists brought together in 2008 by a love of contemporary urban art and a desire to turn our surroundings into a source of inspiration. Over the years they have worked on a number of art projects to raise environmental awareness and enrich urban space. 140 Ideas have been the authors of the "Green Blank Walls" and other murals in Bulgaria, Italy, France, Germany and other European countries.

For us art is a focus not only in the urban environment but in all its forms. That is why for another year we are happy to support the Fashion Academy and the best young designer of Bulgaria.

In 2021 we supported the Hungarian Cultural Institute and their project "Bike and culture". Through this initiative and the placement of bike racks in front of cultural institutes and institutions, we aim to stimulate bicycle access to those places. This is another step to make cultural events easily accessible in a way that does not pollute the environment.

Mademoisellie and City as its people

The city girl Mademoisellie supports the project “City as its people”

DSK Bank Volunteering


We love to help as well as play sports, which is why our teams actively participate in charity sports competitions such as Run2Gether, Business Run and many more.

We are also keen to organise internal charity events together to support disadvantaged children, women, victims of domestic abuse - such as the Martenitza Charity Bazaar, Christmas Brunch, Flower with a Cause, Sports Day with a Cause and more. Some of the foundations we support are Maiko Mila, BCause, For Our Children, I Want a Baby and many more.

As part of the OTP Banking Group, each year we at DSK Bank submit information for the preparation of the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which records the sustainable performance of subsidiaries in accordance with the principles and standards of the Global Reporting Initiative. The reports can be found here: OTP Bank - Sustainability reports

In these challenging times, we at DSK Bank are coming together to support people in need affected by the war in Ukraine. For more information see  DSK Bank helping Ukraine.

Refugee children and mothers welcomed a joyous Easter with the Ukrainian home in Varna thanks to a donation from DSK Bank

The campaign of DSK Bank and BCause Foundation supported the selection for the European Canoeing Championship in 2022 especially for Ukrainian competitors

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