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Take advantage of lower fees and the benefits of long-term dollar cost averaging with DSK Investment plan

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What is DSK Investment Plan?

DSK Investment Plan provides you with a convenient and practical way to make regular investments in the mutual funds distributed by DSK Bank. The strategy is called dollar cost averaging and allows investors to reduce the risk associated with unfavorable market timing (investing when prices are too high), compared to larger one-time investments. This approach is very suitable for the medium- and long-term investors and is a nice complement to products with higher volatility.

The amount of assets you accumulate will depend on the duration of the investment plan, the size and frequency of purchase of units, as well as the return realized by the selected mutual fund.

You can redeem the purchased units partly or in full, or terminate the Investment plan at any time with no additional fees or penalties.

The most appropriate Investment Plan

Flexible personal conditions allow you to invest more effectively and work toward your financial goals, whether they are related to the purchase of property, education, family vacation or additional funds after retirement.

You create the most appropriate Investment Plan yourself by choosing a specific fund, amount and frequency of purchase of units of the fund. The regular investment of funds is done automatically and does not require additional activities and time from you.

You choose the most appropriate parameters for your Investment Plan:

  • Regularity - monthly, once every two months or once every three months;

  • Currency - BGN, EUR, USD or JPY, depending on the currency of the fund you choose;

  • Amount - the minimum amount of the periodic amount for purchase of units is 10 EUR/USD or 1 500 JPY in the funds managed by OTP, Schroders and Amundi. The minimum amount for the purchase of funds managed by DSK Asset Management starts from 100 BGN / 50 EUR;

  • Term - the contract is indefinite and you have the opportunity to terminate it at any time, without fees and penalties;

  • Funds - all funds distributed by DSK Bank, with the exception of the DSK Stability group of funds managed by DSK UA, the DSK Alternative 1 fund and the two money market funds AF CASH in EUR and USD;

  • Yield - depending on the selected fund and according to your risk-return preferences .

Lower fees:

Take advantage of a 50% reduction in the purchase fees of the funds of your choice.

You can get detailed information about the investment funds distributed by DSK Bank from our specialist colleagues (reserving an appointment), as well as at all the bank's offices.


Investors should keep in mind that the value of the units of a mutual fund may decrease, profit is not guaranteed and they take the risk of not recovering their investment in full. Investments in mutual fund units are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund set up by the state or by another type of guarantee. The future results of the activity of the mutual fund are not necessarily related to the results of previous periods.

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