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Who are DSK Asset Management?


DSK Asset Management AD is a subsidiary of DSK Bank and OTP Fund Management, which is licensed for the management of collective investment schemes. DSK Asset Management AD launched in 2004 and is one of the largest asset management companies on the Bulgarian market.

The company has won the “Management Company of the Year” award of the Banker newspaper for three consecutive years on the basis of five different indicators for the activities of the participating companies. 


Why DSK Asset Management?

  • Wide selection of 16 mutual funds with different investment strategies throughout the risk spectrum in BGN and EUR;
  • Easy access to a variety of investment opportunities - both on the Bulgarian capital market and international markets;
  • Flexibility in using the accumulated assets in the fund and high liquidity;
  • The purchase and redemption of units can be carried out in all DSK Bank offices. You can see the most convenient location for you here or book an appointment with our specialist.

Details and information about DSK Asset Management Funds:

*For investment funds "DSK Stability – European Equities", "DSK Stability – European Equities 2", "DSK Stability – European Equities 3", "DSK Stability – European Equities 4" and "DSK Stability – German Shares", additional fees are charged by the management company DSK Asset Management AD, as follows:

For a one-time purchase:

  • During an open period at the rate of 0%
  • Through limited at the rate of 5%
  • In the interim at the rate of 1%

On redemption:

  • During open period 0%
  • Through limited 10%
  • In the interim 2%

*You can get detailed information about the shares of investment funds distributed by DSK Bank from the Bank's branches distributing shares of contractual funds, as well as from the websites of DSK Bank (dskbank.bg) and DSK Asset Management AD (dskam.bg)

Investors should be aware that the value of mutual fund units and the income from them may decline, profit is not guaranteed and they bear the risk of not recovering their investment in full. Investments in units of a mutual fund are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund established by the state or by any other type of guarantee. The future results of the contract fund's activity are not necessarily related to the results of previous periods.

The Prospectus and Basic Information Document of the investment funds organized and managed by DSK Asset Management AD, as well as other information, are available every working day from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the company's office at the address: Sofia , 36 "Alabin" St., 3rd floor, in the branches of "DSK Bank", which distribute the shares of the funds within their working hours and on the website – dskam.bg.

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