Loan for free professions

Credit Expert

For clients practicing free professions. It is designed for both investment and working needs.


Develop your business' potential with the Credit Expert loan

The Credit Expert loan is a specially designed product, adapted for the specific needs and priorities of professional individuals with a minimum business practice of 1 year.

Your advantages:

Opportunity to use up to a BGN 50,000 loan for current business needs without collateral
Convenient and easy process
Apply without the need for a business plan
Flexible finance options based on individual needs


Grace period and transparent maintenance fees
Option to finance a start-up business which has less than 1 year activity

Develop the potential of your business with "Expert" credit

  • Credit Expert is a specially developed product adapted to the specific needs and professional priorities of persons with a professional practice of at least 1 year and combines the following options:

  • Long-term financing for investment purposes - purchase of equipment for your professional activity or real estate for business purposes.

Who can benefit from the product?

Customers of Credit Expert can be individuals with registered practice and legal entities practicing the following professions and activities:

  • Lawyer / Law Firm;

  • Notary;

  • Private bailiff;

  • Doctor;

  • Dentist;

  • Dental technician;

  • Psychologist;

  • Pharmacist / Pharmacy / Veterinarian / Agro Pharmacy;

  • Optics;

  • Certified Public Accountant / Specialized Audit Company;

  • Accountant;

  • Architect;

  • Investment design engineer;

  • Independent evaluator;

  • Consultant - only with a license / certificate;

  • Translator;

  • Journalist;

  • Artist;

  • Singer;

  • Painter;

  • Craftsman / incl. and hairdresser.

What is important to know?

What is important to know?


  • up to BGN 350,000 for the purchase of real estate

  • up to BGN 100,000 for investments in machines

  • up to BGN 100,000 when financing current business needs


  • for the purchase of real estate - up to 180 months

  • for the purchase of equipment, machinery and equipment - up to 60 months

  • for current needs - up to 96 months

Grace period for principal

  • up to 6 months for the purchase of property, machinery or to finance current business needs


  • directing 50% of the revenues to an account in DSK Bank


Because we believe that each professional practice is different in itself, we invite you to contact our specialists who serve clients practicing free professions.

They will prepare an individual offer tailored to each feature of your practice.

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