Dental treatment loan by DSK Bank

Dental treatment loan

Intended to fund all dental procedures and supplies planned or incurred during treatment

Intended to finance all dental procedures and consumables, pre-planned or exceptionally incurred during treatment. The loan is intended for patients of Dental Treatment Medical Centres, with which DSK Bank has concluded cooperation agreements, and it includes the cost of the initial examination, dental treatment, expressed in the performance of medical procedures and consumables related to it - pre-planned additional costs or unforeseen costs arising in the course of treatment. Not only patients may apply to finance the treatment but also their guardians, relatives or any other third party.

Advantages for you: (only for admin)

Advantages for you:

Preferential interest rate
Up to 12 month’s grace period for principal repayment

Product parameters:


500 BGN
250 EUR
25 000 BGN
12 500 EUR


18 months
Minimum repayment term
10 years
Maximum repayment term


Utilisation: Once off or in stages, on a current account of the Medical Centre opened in DSK Bank:

  • Once-off: for clients who do not have an individual treatment plan and upon final completed of treatment or

  • On stages: for clients with completed but unpaid treatment with individual treatment plan; the amount for the respective stage being utilized at the completed stage

Collateral: according to the segment, according to the terms and conditions under which the client is credited. One or a combination of the following options:

  • Guarantee

  • pledge on a deposit/ deposit opened with the Bank

  • pledge on receivable on bank accounts.

A variable interest rate is applied to the loans, formed by the value of the reference interest rate, representing the indicator an average interest rate on balances on BGN term deposits of households, with a term in the range of 1 day to 2 years and fixed margin, for BGN loans or reference interest rate, representing interest rate benchmark 6- month EURIBOR and mark-up.

List of dental centers where you can take advantage of the service:

Name of dental centre


Bodent – individual practice for primary medical dental care

Burgas, 7 Adam Mickiewicz Str.,2nd floor

Individual practice for primary medical care Burgasdent EOOD

Burgas, 73 Probuda Street

„“Center for Dental Medicine Prof. Kisov” Ltd.

Sofia, 22 Layosh Koshut Str.

SBC Dental Center

Sofia, 54 Galichitsa Str., ent. B, 4th floor, apt. 47



Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The required documents can be accessed in the Documents section „Documents“.

The amount for dental treatment that the bank can finance with a loan is determined based on the cost of the dental services, which each medical center, with which we have an agreement for joint work, describes in a reference price list and/ or document evidencing completed treatment.

Yes, you can pay for part of the treatment with your own funds, and as this amount is paid to the Medical Centre, it reduces the total amount of funding described in the reference price list, issued by the Medical Centre.

For your convenience, the entire amount of the loan or part of it, depending on the contract, is transferred cashless to the current account of the Medical Centre, which performs dental treatment.

The amount of the approved loan can be transferred in full or in parts (stages) to the Medical Centre depending on the treatment.

The amount of the due monthly repayment instalment is recalculated after utilisation of the amount at each individual stage. When disbursing funds from the loan in stages, the bank must provide an updated repayment plan, which indicates the new repayment instalment on the loan.

Early repayments do not exempt you to pay each subsequent monthly instalment on the loan.

Yes, you can repay the entire loan amount ahead of schedule and do not have to pay a fee for it.

Anyone could have difficulties while repaying their loan. In case you experience such difficulties, it is good to contact the bank employees without delay, who would assist you.

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