Usit Colours DSK Bank

For training in exchange programs Usit Colours

Loan for pupils, students and doctoral students for financing under the USIT COLOURS program.

Purpose loan for pupils, students and PhD students for financing under the Work & Travel USA program of USIT COLOURS.

If you want to finance your participation in a program for cultural exchange, internship or study abroad under the exchange programs of Usit Colours Bulgaria, you can use a loan under exchange programs Usit Colours Bulgaria.

Advantages for you (only for admin)

Advantages for you:

No fee for early repayment
Grace period for repayment of principal-can negotiate up to 12 months, but not longer than the term for utilization
No fee for maintaining an additional current account in US dollars, on which you will receive remittance transfers
Disbursement-once or in stages within 12 months from the date of the first disbursement of loan amounts
Possibility to absorb parts and accrue interest only on the money used
Choose between equal and decreasing monthly instalments


  • Pledge of receivables on bank account or

  • Guarantee of 1 individual or

  • Pledge on a deposit opened with DSK Bank


500 BGN
6 000 BGN


18 months
Minimum repayment term
Maximum repayment term

How can I apply?

For a loan for a student brigade, it is necessary to have an adult solvent co-debtor on the loan. This could be either one of your parents or someone you are not related to.

  • Sign up for the Work & Travel USA program Work & Travel USA at the Usit Colours office and receive a certificate of upcoming student team participation next summer.

  • Welcome to an office of DSK Bank with your certificate of income of a co-debtor.

  • The approval by DSK Bank is within 2 working days.

Fees and interest rates (only for admin)

Fees and interest rates



11,29 %

Loan amount

5 000 BGN

Monthly repayment instalment

70,43 BGN

Loan term

8 years

Total amount due

7 425 BGN

ARP – 11,29% calculated on the basis of the following fees and interest:

  • Variable interest rate - 7,90 %
  • Fee for reviewing an application and approving a loan - 100 BGN
  • Monthly fee for servicing a current account with DSK Flexy 4 package  - 5,87 BGN
  • Number of repayment instalments - 96
  • Grace period up to 12 months – for repayment of principal equal to the term of utilization


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