Consumer loan by DSK Bank

Loan for Pensioners

Consumer loan up to BGN 15 000


Advantages for you

027Grace period for repayment of principal up to 3 months
035If you receive your pension at the Bank, you do not need to document your income
037You can choose between equal and decreasing monthly instalments
040No monitoring of the end-use of funds
044In case of insufficient income, a solvent co-debtor may be joined

Advantages for you (only for admin)

If you are considering a bigger purchase, your home needs urgent repairs, or you need free funds, you can get a consumer loan by requesting your pension to be paid to your Bank account. We offer you convenience and security for your money, as well as the opportunity to choose a minimum monthly loan instalment at an attractive interest rate and long repayment period.


500 BGN
15 000 BGN


18 months
Minimum repayment term
10 years
Maximum repayment term


Additional interest rate discount

You have the opportunity to get an additional interest rate discount when joining DSK Partners Plus Program if the following conditions are met:

  • Transfer of pension to current account in the Bank

  • Using the DSK Flexy 4 package

Collateral: Collateral Pledge on pension receivable, together with pledge on receivable on bank account

A variable interest rate is applied to the loans, formed by the value of the reference interest rate, representing indicator “average interest rate on balances on term deposits in BGN of households, with a term in the range of 1 day to 2 years and fixed margin, for BGN loans or value of reference interest rate, representing interest rate benchmark 6- month EURIBOR and mark-up.



9,88 %

Loan amount

5000 BGN

Monthy instalment

57.80 BGN

Loan term

10 year

Total amount due BGN

7 695.62 BGN

ARP – 9,88% calculated on the basis of the following fees and interest rates:

  • Variable interest rate 6.90 %
  • Fee for processing an application and approving a loan 100 BGN
  • Number of repayment instalments 120
  • Monthly fee for using „DSK Flexy 4“ 5.50 BGN

Loan Protection Insurance by Groupama

Loan Protection Insurance is intended for holders of consumer, mortgage or home loan in DSK Bank and provides financial protection in adverse situations with life and health, which may lead to inability to pay the loan obligations.

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