Consumer loan by DSK Bank

Standard Consumer Loan

Make your wishes come true

You get the maximum amount and the longest repayment period through the standard consumer loan



Term up to 10 years


Amounts up to EUR 40 000

A reliable partner

How do I get a consumer loan?

How do I get a consumer loan?


Come to the Bank's office


Consult our credit specialist


You get approval and sign a contract

Product parameters

Min. / Max. amount
500 BGN / 80 000 BGN
Min. / Max. term
18 months / 10 years

Representative example

30 000 BGN
120 months
Montly payment
336.84 BGN
  • Variable interest rate:
    6,25 %
  • Fee for processing a loan application and approval:
    350 BGN
  • Monthly fee for using package DSK Flexy 4:
    5.96 BGN
  • Total amount due:
    41 486.03 BGN

Dear customers, please note that the calculations are exemplary. It is possible that the bank will offer you different values ​​depending on your individual case.

Fees and interest rates

Fees and interest rates

A variable interest rate is applied to the loans, formed by the value of the reference interest rate, representing the indicator “average interest rate on balances on term deposits in BGN of households, with a term over 1 day to 2 years and fixed margin for BGN or reference interest rate, representing an interest benchmark 6 - month EURIBOR and a mark - up.

The interest rate under each contract is determined individually, considering the individual profile of the client.


APR at individual interest rate selected for the purposes of the example - 7,13%

Representative example, with variable interest rate for the entire term, on consumer loan. The variable interest rate for monthly transfer of income and use of DSK Flexy 4 package can be set in the range between 5,25% and 8,50%.



Loan amount

30 000 BGN

Monthly repayment instalment

336.84 BGN

Loan term

10 years

Total amount due

41 486.03 BGN

ARP 7,13% calculated on the basis of the following fees and interest:

  • Variable interest rate 6,25 %
  • Fee for reviewing application and approving a loan 350 BGN
  • Number of instalments 120
  • Monthly fee for using package DSK Flexy 4  5.96 BGN

Loan Protection Insurance by Groupama

Loan Protection Insurance is intended for holders of consumer, mortgage or home loan in DSK Bank and provides financial protection in adverse situations with life and health, which may lead to inability to pay the loan obligations.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The required documents be accessed in the Documents section.


Yes, you could apply for a loan with us.


Yes, in these cases we want a co-debtor to participate with you in the loan, who can prove the income he receives.


You will need the loan application documents available in the "Documents" section, as well as a document/ loan statement showing the amount of the debt to be refinanced. In case you have a certificate issued by another bank for the balance of the loan to be refinanced, we will accept this document. After refinancing your obligations with a loan from us, it is necessary to provide a Certificate (Document) certify that they have been repaid.


This is another person who may not be from your family(e.g. a close friend or colleague) who guarantees the repayment of the loan through their income. This means that if for some reason you fail to repaying your loan, your obligation begins to be repaid by the guarantor. For this reason, we investigate not only your income and credit history, but also those of the guarantor?


The loan can be approved within one working day after submitting all the necessary documents.


We will transfer the funds from the loan to your current account by the end of the business day after concluding the loan agreement.


Yes, we offer you an individual choice of monthly maturity date in the period between the 1st and the 28th day of the month. We advise you to adjust the individually selected maturity date to the period in which you receive your monthly income.


Yes, the type of the loan repayment instalment is chosen- equal monthly instalments for the whole period (including the due monthly interest and principal payments) or decreasing monthly instalments (including equal principal instalments and the respective monthly interest).


Yes, you can repay the entire loan amount ahead of time and do not owe an additional fee for itYes, you can repay the entire loan amount ahead of time and do not owe an additional fee for it.


Early repayment do not relive you of the need to pay each subsequent monthly instalment on the loan.


Anyone could have difficulty to repay their loan. In case you experience such difficulties, it is good to contact bank employees, without delay, who would assist you in resolving the situation.


• Negotiating a grace period up to 3 months;

• In case of insufficient income, a solvent co-debtor may be joined;

• The target spending of the funds is not monitored;

• If you receive your salary or pension at the Bank, you do not need to document your income;

• Opportunity to apply for additional interest rate discount when joining the DSK Partners Plus program.

You can finance a larger purchase for a home, car, trip or have additional funds.

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