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* The code is a combination of letters and symbols that entitles you to a preference when applying for a consumer loan. Discounts can be provided in various forms eg offers, loyalty discounts provided individually, at random or as a result of participation in a competition or customer survey. The discount is calculated in the final offer after prior approval!
The discount will be calculated in your final offer after approval!

Dear Customers, Please be aware that these calculations aim to give you an estimate regarding your installment payments. It is possible that the bank will offer you a different repayment amount on your credit, depending on your individual circumstance. After you apply online, one of our consultants will get in touch with you with the full information and details.



Online application


Amounts up to EUR 30 000

A reliable partner

Product parameters

Min. / Max. amount

500 BGN / 80 000 BGN
Min. / Max. term
18 months / 10 years

Representative example


30 000 BGN
60 months
Montly payment
336.84 BGN
  • Variable interest rate:
    6.25 %
  • Fee for processing a loan application and approval:
    350 BGN
  • Monthly fee for using package DSK Flexy 4:
    5.50 BGN
  • Total amount due:
    41 081 BGN

Fees and interest rates

Fees and interest rates

A variable interest rate is applied to the loans, formed by the value of the reference interest rate, representing the indicator “average interest rate on balances on term deposits in BGN of households, with a term over 1 day to 2 years and fixed margin for BGN or reference interest rate, representing an interest benchmark 6 - month EURIBOR and a mark - up.

The interest rate under each contract is determined individually, considering the individual profile of the client.


APR at individual interest rate selected for the purposes of the example - 6,04%

Representative example, with variable interest rate for the entire term, on consumer loan. The variable interest rate for monthly transfer of income and use of DSK Flexy 4 package can be set in the range between 5,25% and 8,50%.


6,25 %

Loan amount

30 000 BGN

Monthly repayment instalment

336,84 BGN

Loan term

10 years

Total amount due

41 081 BGN

ARP 6,25 % calculated on the basis of the following fees and interest:

  • Variable interest rate 6,82 %
  • Fee for reviewing application and approving a loan 350 BGN
  • Number of instalments 120
  • Monthly fee for using package DSK Flexy 4  5.50 BGN


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Additional interest rate discounts

To take advantage of the additional interest rate discount, when joining the DSK Partners Plus program, you must have fulfilled the following conditions:

  • To have a credit turnover on a current account in the Bank;

  • To use the payment package DSK Flexy 4

Collateral: Pledge on receivable on bank account



Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


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