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Dear Customers, Please be aware that these calculations aim to give you an estimate regarding your installment payments. It is possible that the bank will offer you a different repayment amount on your credit, depending on your individual circumstance. After you apply online, one of our consultants will get in touch with you with the full information and details.

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Security and stability

By choosing DSK Bank as a financial partner, you benefit from long-standing traditions and sustainability, which guarantees you peace of mind not only in this crucial moment for you,
but also in the future

Experience and commitment

Our credit counselors know in detail the process of housing and mortgage financing and will assist you with advice, guidance and recommendations on the individual characteristics of your transaction.

Speed and Convenience

You do not have to visit our office to submit paper documents. You can submit the documents entirely online through the DSK Bank portal designed for large files and documents. Save your efforts and expenses during work hours and insure a quick turnaround for the operation.

With a housing loan for purchase (including exchange, division) of DSK Bank you get a high maximum loan amount and a long repayment period

With a housing loan for purchase (including exchange, partitioning) from DSK Bank you can finance the purchase of:

  • A residential property and a garage/parking plot (if any)

  • A garage only

  • A residential building* or villa with adjoining yard and a garage/parking plot (if any)

  • Regulated land plot inc. the future country house

  • Residential property and a garage/parking plot (if any) at the “rough construction” stage of the building, under specific terms and conditions determined by the Bank


The interest rate under each contract can be set in the range of 2.60% to 3.99% (variable interest rate for the entire loan period) and is determined individually, taking into account the following factors:

  • The individual client profile

  • The type and parameters of the loan

  • Other used products and services of the Bank


5 000 BGN
2 500 EUR

700 000
350 000 EUR


No term
Minimum repayment period
30 years
Maximum repayment period


Fees and interest rates (only for admin)

Fees and interest rates

Dear clients, please keep in mind that you are required to use a current account with DSK Bank and take out property insurance. This expense becomes part of the APR when it becomes known to the Bank - after the Borrower, depending on the type of loan product, presents the first original insurance policy. The cost of insurance is not included in the APR. The example is prepared when repaying a loan through the current account included in the payment package .

Representative examples:



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