Mortgage Loan for Refinancing DSK Bank

Mortgage Loan for Refinancing

This is an opportunity for you to finance current needs of different kinds and different purposes, including also investment in property


Mortgage loans provide an opportunity to refinance granted loans both from DSK Bank and from another bank too.

Advantages for you

  • High maximum loan amount

  • Long repayment period


5 000 BGN
2 500 EUR
700 000 BGN
350 000 EUR


No term
Minimum repayment period
30 years
Maximum repayment period

Lending portal of DSK Bank

What is the service?

  • The lending portal is a secure on-line platform where you can submit online all the required documents for your loan. This greatly simplifies the entire application and approval process and shortens the time to disburse the loan.
  • What are the benefits?

  • You have a complete and accurate list of documents that you need to provide;
  • This saves time: you do not have to visit a bank office during business hours to provide any document on paper
  • This saves effort - you can attach the required documents for the deal, directly from your mobile phone, wherever and whenever it is convenient for you;
  • You can monitor in real time the status of each uploaded document and the progress of your credit;
  • Your transaction will be processed faster, as the banking consultant can work immediately with the documents you have uploaded.
  • КHow can you take advantage of this?

  • ЗTo access the lending portal you need a username and password. The Bank will send them to you after the credit consultation to the e-mail address or mobile phone number specified by you together with an offer made.
  • Please visit an office of DSK Bank to examine our proposals.



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