POS Loan Partners

Become a partner of DSK Bank

Take advantage of the opportunity to offer your products and services to clients of DSK Bank.


DSK Bank aims to create and maintain high business standards. We build our relations based on cooperation and mutual consideration of interests by offering our clients quality banking service. We offer maximum adaptivity to specific needs and requirements of the banking services market with optimal financial conditions.

In September of 2013, DSK Bank launched its product for crediting of consumer goods in the trade network. Currently, we have contracts for mutual partnership with over 1000 mer-chants throughout the country. The biggest franchises offering black and white goods, in addition to furniture and complete furnishing also work with us.

DSK Bank has more than 3 million individual clients, who can also be your clients.

Main parameters of the POS loan:

  • Term of the loan: from 3 to 48 months;

  • Credit amount: from 150 BGN to 10 000 BGN;

  • How to apply: With an ID card

  • Fast and simplified procedure;

  • No fees or commissions;

  • Lending to Bulgarian citizens aged 18-78 years.


150 BGN
10 000 BGN


3 months
Minimum repayment period
48 months
Maximum repayment period

Your advantages:

  • Increase in sales – clients tend to purchase more when they do not have financial restrictions and have the opportunity to easily and quickly reschedule their debt over timeо;

  • You have no obligations in relation to the repayment of the client's debt to the Bank;

  • Opportunity for joint commercial marketing campaigns to boost sales, through POS loans at your shops.

Advantages for your customers:

  • Your customers have an opportunity to buy goods and services that they would not otherwise afford;

  • Loans are approved within a few minutes following a very simplified procedure;

  • The loans are not secured by the subject of the transaction;

  • The purchased goods do not act as collateral for the loan.

Become our partner:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail:




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