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POS Loan

To purchase goods or services on instalment credit terms, you can take advantage of Quick Commodity Loan for amounts from BGN 150 to BGN 10,000.

If you want to buy a product or pay for a service, but have no available funds, take advantage of the product – POS loan for purchasing goods and services on instalment credit terms, designed for your convenience. Take advantage of our simplified procedure, attractive terms and conditions, and the option to choose the parameters.

You choose:

  • The monthly instalment amount

  • The monthly instalments payment date

  • Whether to pay an initial instalment and in what amount

Advantages for you:

  • You pay equal monthly instalments

  • No loan application fee

  • No administrative fee upon approval and conclusion of the loan agreement

  • No annual loan management fee

  • No fee for early partial or full loan repayment.

Credit Amount

150 BGN
10 000BGN


3 months
Minimum repayment term
48 months
Maximum repayment term

Required documents:

  • Only an ID card
  • How to apply:

    • Physically, in the stores of our business partners bearing a “DSK Credit” sticker „ДСК Кредит“



Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

With the help of you – our clients, we organised useful information related to the servicing of POS loan from DSK Bank.

1. How can I repay my POS loan from DSK Bank?

You do not pay a fee if you choose
to repay your monthly instalments:

  • at an ATM of DSK Bank;
  •  by transfer between your own accounts via DSK Direct electronic banking or via DSK Smart mobile banking, in case you use other products of DSK Bank;

A fee will be due
if the monthly instalment is paid:

  • In person or by a third party at a desk in a branch of DSK Bank. A fee is due according to the tariff of DSK Bank for individual clients;
  • by transfer from another commercial bank. A fee is due according to the tariff of the respective bank;
  • through a payment services company. The fee is determined in the tariff of the respective company. In this case, we advise you to pay the instalment a few days before the agreed due date, as there might be some delay.

2. I receive my salary/pension on an account with DSK Bank. Will it service the POS loan?

No, an account is opened in your name for the servicing of the POS loan, on which you must have a balance of at least the minimum monthly instalment no later than the due date.

3. Is a separate service account opened for each active POS loan?

No, all active POS loans are serviced from the same account. The IBAN is specified in the POS loan contract.

4. Do I owe service fees on the POS loan account?

No, you do not.

5. Is it possible for my instalments to be automatically transferred from my salary/pension account to the POS loan account

Yes, by setting up a periodic internal credit transfer from your account with DSK Bank, where you receive your salary/pension to the POS loan account. You can request a periodic credit transfer by a visit to one of the branches of DSK Bank or you may set up a periodic credit transfer through our app - DSK Direct. We advise you to make sure that the periodic credit transfer is cancelled after repaying the commodity loan.

6. What happens if my due date falls on a holiday?

What happens if my due date falls on a holiday.

7. Why did I receive a SMS that I owe money after I have provided funds in the account well in advance?

Messages that are sent are pre-defined and the purpose is to provide customers with the most information and making sure they are aware to not miss a monthly instalment. If you have provided the funds, please ignore the messageо.

8. What do I need to know if I decide to repay the loan in advance?

You have the opportunity to repay the POS loan partially or fully at any time. You can repay in a branch of DSK Bank or via transfer from another commercial bank. It is important to clearly state the method of repayment when visiting a branch of DSK Bank, in order to receive the exact amount that has to be paid.

9. What happens to the POS loan servicing account when the loan is repaid?

In case you do not have other active POS loans and there is no balance on the account, the Bank will close the account. In case you have a balance on the account and you do not have other accounts in DSK Bank to which this balance can be transferred, you need to visit a branch of the Bank in order to receive the amount in cash.