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Fast and secure money transfers,
anywhere in the world

DSK Bank offers express international money transfers with the system MoneyGram, which allows clients to receive and send transfers reliably and quickly.

Accessible, secure and convenient national and international transfers.

The international money transfers by MoneyGram are a popular and practical alternative to traditional bank and credit cards, allowing people to safely and reliably send money around the entire world. As a world leader in money transfer services, MoneyGram's network with more than 321,000 agents in 200 countries, means you can find a convenient location near you.

You can find information about MoneyGram’s Tarif regarding money transfers from Bulgaria and to Bulgaria here.

Same day service - quick and convenien

MoneyGram makes it easy to send and receive money when something unexpected happens, or when you want to send a sum of money as a present. Your money will be received in up to 10 minutes, depending on the working hours of your local office.

MoneyGram taxes for money transfers.

Sending money:

Receiving money:

  • Visit one of our DSK Bank offices which offers the service MoneyGram. When you are sending the transfer, you can choose the type of currency which you would like to send or receive in, in regard to your current location and that of the person who will receive the transfer. (Click here for office locations).
  • After the transfer request is processed you will receive a document, with the transfer details and a unique reference number.
  • Inform your recipient about the exact sum which they should expect to receive, as well as the reference number, which they will need in order to receive the money.
  • The sender will inform you what sum of money to expect, as well as the reference number of the transfer.
  • Before you go to one of the DSK Bank offices, which offers the MoneyGram service, do not forget to bring with you a valid form of identification*.
  • Our employee will enter the information in our system and confirm that the money has been successfully received before paying you the sum.
  • The currency in which you will receive the money is designated by the person who sends the transfer. Sending money in different curries is available only in some locations depending on the availability of the given currency in the moment of receiving the transfer.
  • Every client with an active account at DSK Bank can take advantage of withdrawing money through MoneyGram, as well as from our ATMs. You can see the locations of our ATMs here.

*You need to confirm your identity by showing a valid document: passport, identity card, or drivers license.


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