16 of DSK Bank’s employees volunteered to conduct online financial classes for the young people of SOS Children’s Villages

The online classes which employees of DSK Bank prepared and conducted for young people from our SOS Youth homes in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo, young people who we support through our program “The beginning of an independent life”, as well as youngsters from Plovdiv and Stara Zagora who we provide support through our project “The paths to freedom”.

The trainings covered two main themes: financial literacy and my first job. They were aimed to increase the financial literacy of young people and make them more independent. And here are the impressions the trainings left on the young people:

„I participated in all the different trainings. Everything was really interesting. I have expanded a lot of my knowledge. I enjoyed learning about banking the most. For the preparation of a CV and a cover letter, I finally feel like I can prepare a CV and a cover letter all on my own. I feel like I have more confidence in my own knowledge and abilities. I was mesmerized by the people who were leading the modules – how freely they speak about the different topics, it really goes to show that they know what they are talking about. I want to keep in touch with them.” , This is the point of view of the 18-year-old Victoria.

“In my opinion the most interesting trainings were the ones about loans and cards – debit and credit ones. I've heard a lot about them before, but everything cleared up after the sessions. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such training. At first, I thought it would be like some other trainings – uninteresting and only understandable by the lecturers. However, I was proven wrong. Everything new was explained clearly and in a way that was understandable for us - keeping in mind that it was the first time we ever hear about social security, about the different types of power, about the civil and labor contract and so on. On other topics, I knew some things in advance, but most of the ambiguities were filled out as I listened to the lecturers. The terminology and specific actions that need to be carried out were very nicely explained. Participating in this training makes me more informed, and that makes me feel secure.” , This opinion is shared by the 16-year-old Mihail.

“There were various themes; some closer to us, some not so much. But I learnt something new from each one. I have never imagined there are so many useful things that we didn't know about! I have only missed two sessions. Personally, I believe that the topic of issuing a debit card and mobile banking was really important and useful. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to learn about this topic. This makes me more oriented and secure.'', The 18-year-old Mariyan shared this point of view.

The series of meetings, discussion type of financial lessons, between employees of DSK Bank who volunteered and the youth are part of the activities with which DSK Bank and SOS Children's Villages Association celebrated their 10-year partnership.

"We can’t express our gratitude towards DSK Bank, which has been staunchly supporting the SOS cause for 10 years now. The online learning initiative has brought our partnership to a whole new level - that of personal commitment. This is something essential for us – it cannot be compared to any financial aid., This is the point of view of Valeria Georgieva, National Executive Director of SOS Children's Villages.

"DSK Bank has always strived not only for a leading position in the banking market, but also to be among the best with its social and public engagement. It was a great pleasure for me and my colleagues to share our knowledge, experience and advice with the young adults from SOS Children's Villages. I sincerely hope that the initiative will continue, because it is very impactful and ensures continuity, through the initiative we are able to lend a hand and help. One of the best feelings in life is providing help, contributing to a positive change - to support the career advancement of young people, to encourage them to dream and strive to achieve those dreams and also to encourage them. I am glad that by implementing one of its fundamental doctrines "Bank as its people", DSK Bank gives the opportunity for their career development in the banking industry through the Internship Program. We set a good example and I will be happy if other companies and organizations also embrace the initiative. Giving a hand to these young people is an investment in their future.“ – This is what Siyana Garbolino expressed „Head of the Legal Department “ at DSK Bank.

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DSK Bank's social initiatives

16 of DSK Bank’s employees volunteered to conduct online financial classes for the young people of SOS Children’s Villages

DSK Bank's social initiatives

Young people’s financial literacy is one of DSK Bank’s main sustainable development goals

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