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August 3, 2009

Its mobile banking apart, DSK Bank is one of the few banks which offer e-banking proper, operable via mobile phone as well. DSK Bank’s clients can take advantage of additional ways to bank online at . Now the Bank’s clients can get access to their funds in DSK Bank through their mobile phones. That way, if they have subscribed for the e-banking platform DSK Direct, they can:
• Check the status of and the movement on their accounts (last 10 transactions);
• Get a detailed information on the type of cards, their validity term and the last 10 transactions performed;
• Get information on the status of their loans;
• To transfer funds from and on their Saving component and Virtual card.
Apart from standard internet provided by mobile operators, an increasing number of mobile phones have access to wireless internet provided by public internet spots (free) called) Wi-Fi zones (in hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc.). Internet surfing in Wi-Fi zones is free of charge. It is a particular convenience to have such a connection on the beach, in your favourite café while drinking your morning coffee. The mobile version has optimized resolution for the mobile phone screen and it is accessible from any telephone which can open HTML pages and has internet and browser settings.

For the users of virtual term deposits beside one-month deposits 3-, 6- and 12-month virtual deposits in BGN, EUR, USD have been introduced with applicable promotional interest rates.
DSK Direct also enables you to buy a ticket for Spirit of Burgas with 20% discount. For this purpose in DSK Direct there is a template for buying Spirit of Burgas tickets. After the payment of tickets has been done through DSK Direct, the client receives on its email a confirmation on the successful ticket payment and a reference number of the transaction, which the clients have to present at the entrance of the Spirit of Burgas festival in order to get their tickets.
Those who have bought tickets can participate in a lottery Buy a Spirit of Burgas ticket with 20% discount in the period 28.07 – 11.08.2009 and win one more! On 12.08.2009 a lot will decide the 15 clients of DSK Direct who will be able to win a THREE-DAY PASS for the festival and the names of the winners will be given in DSK Bank’s site – Personal Finance/DSK Direct/E-banking .