Mastercard Affluent Concierge from DSK Bank

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With the Mastercard Affluent Concierge service of the Private Banking of DSK Bank, holders of Mastercard Gold, Mastercard Platinum, Mastercard Galaxy, Mastercard DSK-Wizz Air, World Debit Mastercard, can receive what they want, whenever they want as often as they want.

The need for more time for oneself inevitably encourages the use of alternative remote solutions for managing personal tasks. To make sure that everything is under control, we suggest you trust your personal assistant Mastercard Concierge from DSK Bank, which is at your disposal at any time and wherever you are.

Concierge service on a special occasion

DSK Concierge

Next time you have the opportunity to prepare with a special gift or surprise for your loved one, contact your personal assistant from Mastercard Affluent Concierge to take care of it. He will be able to surprise both the recipient, so do you.


Concierge travel planning service


The best way to plan an important trip is to first contact your personal Mastercard Concierge assistant. He will offer you a complete organization with recommendations for hotels, reservations and other important information related to yours travel. All you have to do is prepare your luggage and documents.


Concierge service for a valuable experience


Provide a variety of fun activities for children, at home or outside, by assigning your personal assistant from Mastercard Affluent Concierge to offer you a variety of entertainment. Spend full time with your family and create new memories together.


Description of services included in the Mastercard Affluent Concierge package:

Art and culture
Information on trade in antiques and art
Cultural centers
Sightseeing tours
Taxi services
Air charters
Gift orders
Others up to EUR 100
Sports and sport events
Beach sports
Volleyball clubs
Football clubs
Yacht/motor clubs
Water sports
Visiting stadiums

Terms and conditions for the provision of the service

  1. Mastercard Affluent Concierge service is available to clients in the following languages at the specified time intervals:
  2. 1.1.Mastercard Affluent Concierge service is available to clients 24/7;

    1.2. Mastercard Affluent Concierge service is available to clients in Bulgarian from 09:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday;

    1.2. Mastercard Affluent Concierge service is available to clients in Bulgarian on Saturdays from 09:00 to 17:30;

    1.3. Mastercard Affluent Concierge service is available to clients in English outside the days and hours under 1.2. and 1.3.;

    1.4. On public holidays, Mastercard Affluent Concierge service is available only in English;

    1.5. For English-speaking clients, the service is available 24/7, seven days a week in English.

  3. Mastercard Affluent Concierge service is available for the following card products issued by DSK Bank with the Mastercard logo:
    •  DSK-Wizz Air;
    •  Mastercard Galaxy [1];
    •  Mastercard Gold;
    •  Mastercard Platinum;


  4. Any inquiries about the Service should be sent in writing to:

  5. [1] Mastercard Affluent Concierge service is only available for contactless Mastercard Galaxy credit cards



Service registration

    To use the service, clients must perform a one-time initial telephone registration.

  1. Clients have to call the telephone number indicated in the Service Request form.
    • Client identification - clients agree to provide the requested registration information during the first call to Mastercard Affluent Concierge. Registration information includes: personal information for subsequent identification (e.g. name, preferred greeting, contact information including telephone number, e-mail address and current address, for correspondence purposes), habits, preferences, client profile information and Mastercard data, if required to execute a transaction. If the above information is not collected during the first call, it may be supplemented during subsequent calls where needed considering to the Client’s request. Mastercard Affluent Concierge Service Provider undertakes to comply with applicable personal data protection laws when processing such data and personal information. For more details on Mastercard's data protection practices, please go to:
    • Successful registration - after the call and being successfully identified by an employee of Mastercard Affluent Concierge, the Client can actively use the service without needing to register repeatedly during each subsequent call.

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