Green Week – an internal initiative of DSK Bank to protect the environment


"Green Week" is an internal initiative for the employees of DSK Bank whose aim is to help protect the environment. It is also a part of the corporate social responsibility platform „"DSK Bank helps"“. For the first time the initiative was held in the summer of 2020 under the slogan "DSK Bank – Living today with tomorrow in mind!" and with a theme - the conservation of the “Water”. Within 7 days, the employees of DSK Bank had the opportunity to receive interesting information, facts and advice on the selected topic, as well as to participate in various initiatives aimed to boost their engagement and preserve the water resources.

An electronic box for "green suggestion" was created specifically for the initiative. In the online box for suggestion the employees could submit their proposals on "How can DSK Bank contribute to reducing the consumption of water resources and preserving them". During the first edition, the employees were able to participate in a photo contest whose theme was water. We received over 200 beautiful photographs and dozens of practical suggestions on how to reduce the excess water consumption in the bank. The prize winners in the competition were 18.

In order to be reminded how crucial it is to be responsible for natural resources and their preservation, we organized an exhibition of the most scenic photos on the premises of our central offices!

In October 2020, we launched the second edition of our "Green Week" initiative. The theme this time was "Waste". Within this edition, our colleagues had the opportunity to share all sorts of things that they or their families had managed to craft from waste materials. During the second week we actively shared curious information to our colleagues related to DSK Bank's waste reduction policy and suggestions on how they can reduce their waste and their ecological footprint on nature. Also, we installed special containers for collecting plastic caps in the bigger buildings of the bank. The collected quantities from the bank's employees are commonly handed over in support of a charitable cause. We chose to support "I Believe and Help" which is the first charity campaign in Bulgaria that collects plastic caps, which (after recycling them) donates the funds for the purchase of medical equipment for newborn babies to hospitals accordingly.

In 2021, we launched the next edition of "Green Week" dedicated to the reasonable consumption of paper. We were going to share advice and insight on reasonable paper use and start the “Apples for Paper” initiative for the employees. However, due to the epidemiological situation and regulatory measures in relation to Covid-19, the initiative was cancelled a few days before its launch. The vital messages behind the campaign we shared with our colleagues through our digital channels for inside communication.

In 2022, we are anticipating a large-scale internal campaign dedicated to the reasonable use of energy. We will launch our initiative "Green Week" dedicated to "Energy" and continue with an internal challenge among the bank's teams. So with "Living with tomorrow in mind" we move forward together because each and every one of us is a crucial part of the success of our cause!


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Green week at DSK Bank

Green Week – an internal initiative of DSK Bank to protect the environment

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