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Established in 1993, OTP Fund Management (Hungary) is part of the OTP Group and is the largest mutual fund and asset management company on the Hungarian market, with assets under management of over € 4 billion in over 70 funds and nearly 24% market share.

You can purchase and redeem units innearly 200 offices of DSK Bank , throughout the country, as well as online through DSK Direct.

Funds offered by DSK Bank:

Funds for Non-Professional Clients

OTP Central European Equity Fund

Inception: 21.12.2005 | Benchmark: 32% WIG20 + 29% BUX + 29% PX + 10% Merrill Lynch EMU GOV 0-1 | ISIN code: HU0000703855

The Fund is dedicated to Central and Eastern European equities, but also may invest in other emerging and developed countries. The Fund invests in stocks of companies operating across diversified sectors. The fund managers employ an active strategy based on fundamental analysis but from time to time also use short-term market opportunities, also taking into consideration the fund managers’ macro-economic views. The Fund may hedge its currency risks with forward currency positions and also can take short futures positions to limit its beta risk. While the equity exposure of the Fund can range between 60% and 150%, its target average exposure is 90%. The recommended minimum holding period is 5-7 years.


Investors should keep in mind that the value of the units of a mutual fund may decrease, profit is not guaranteed and they take the risk of not recovering their investment in full. Investments in mutual fund units are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund set up by the state or by another type of guarantee. The future results of the activity of the mutual fund are not necessarily related to the results of previous periods.

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