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DSK Mutual Funds

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Investment funds are a collective investment scheme for managing your savings.


By purchasing units from a mutual funds, your assets are combined with those of thousands of other investors and are managed according to the investment strategy of the specific fund..


The return generated by an investment is directly linked to its risk profile and through a combination of products you can construct a portfolio which reflects your personal needs and goals.


Our product range encompasses the entire risk spectrum in BGN, EUR and USD. Explore it below or get in touch with one of our experts through the contact form.

All our funds

All our funds:

Funds by DSK Asset Management

Invest in Bulgaria and the global markets through the mutual funds managed by DSK Asset Management in BGN and EUR.

Investment Plan

Begin investing regularly in any of our mutual funds and decrease your costs while lowering your risks.

Funds by OTP Fund Management

Take advantage of OTP Fund Management’s expertise in the CEE region.

Funds by Schroders

Schroders is one of the largest independent asset managers in Europe. Explore their product range to construct your global future proof portfolio in EUR and USD.

Funds by Amundi

Amundi Asset Management is the largest asset manager in Europe. Have a look at their offers in EUR and USD.

Investors should keep in mind that the value of the units of a mutual fund may decrease, profit is not guaranteed and they take the risk of not recovering their investment in full. Investments in mutual fund units are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund set up by the state or by another type of guarantee. The future results of the activity of the mutual fund are not necessarily related to the results of previous periods.


Нетна стойност на активите на дял Продава
ДСК Хоризонт 2030 0.89110
ДСК Хоризонт 2035 0.92860
ДСК Хоризонт 2040 0.98545
ДСК Стандарт 1.48578
Нетна стойност на активите на дял Продава
ДСК Евро Актив 1.13846
ДСК Баланс 1.34592
ДСК Глобални защитни компании 0.92194
ДСК Растеж 1.14030
Нетна стойност на активите на дял Валута Продава
ДСК Хоризонт 2030 BGN 0.89110
ДСК Хоризонт 2035 BGN 0.92860
ДСК Хоризонт 2040 BGN 0.98545
ДСК Стандарт BGN 1.48578
ДСК Евро Актив EUR 1.13846
ДСК Баланс BGN 1.34592
ДСК Глобални защитни компании BGN 0.92194
ДСК Растеж BGN 1.14030
ДСК Глобални компании BGN 1.09744
ДСК Динамика BGN 1.13879
ДСК Стабилност - Европейски акции BGN 1.15116
ДСК Стабилност - Немски акции BGN 1.14914
ДСК Консервативен фонд BGN 0.97541
ДСК Стабилност - Европейски акции 3 EUR 0.96144
ДСК Стабилност – Европейски Акции 2 BGN 0.96382
ДСК-ОТП Премиум Микс BGN 1.01430
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