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Business Security Insurance

Protection of your property and non-property assets

Business Security Insurance is especially developed for small and medium-sized business and gives customer the opportunity to protect their non-property and property assets such as:

  • Solid structure buildings;

  • Plant, machinery, equipment, including fixtures and fittings;

  • Shor-term tangible assets, including raw materials, products, goods.

    The insurance is intended for Bulgarian and foreign natural persons and legal entities who are owners or tenants of:

    • Non-manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises (offices, stores, shopping centers, restaurants, service provision facilities and business facilities);

    • Solid buildings up to 40 years of age, with issued Certificate Form No 15;

    Benefits of the insurance:

    • Insurance product appropriate for insuring property used as collateral under home and mortgage bank loans;

    • Affordable insurance that provides complex protection against the most common risks in business environment;

    • Insured amount up to BGN 1 million;

    • Conveniently structured covers in packages at customer’s choice;

    • Possibility for optional covers;

    • Easy procedure for making the insurance;

    • Deferred payment of the premium for no extra costs;

    • Discounts upon renewal of the policy if no damages have occurred;

    • Option for payment of the premium via direct debit.


    What risks are insured?

    Possibility to choose 4 packages and optional covers for better security:

    Package 1:

    • Fire, lightning, explosion, implosion, collision or falling of piloted aircraft, its parts or cargo;
    • Natural disasters – storm (falling of trees and branches), hail, heavy rain, flood, damage due to the natural load of snow or ice, freezing/ frosting;
    • Damage of property as a result of crash of motor vehicle or animal;
    • Costs for cleaning of remains and salvage of property.

    Package 2 comprises all risks under Package 1 plus:

    • Malicious actions of third parties;
    • Arson;

    Package 3 comprises all risks under Package 2 plus:

    • Short circuit and/or current rush;

     Package 4 comprises all risks under Package 3 plus:

    • Sliding or collapse of earth;
    • Failure of loading and unloading machines during loading and unloading works..

    Optional covers comprise:

    • Earthquake;

    • Water and steam leakage;

    • Breaking of glasses, shop windows, advertising signs and boards;

    • Shock/ sound wave;

    • Loss of rental income;

    • Third Party Liability clause for damages caused to third parties by insured property as a result of insurance event covered under the policy;

    • Burglary.


    Where to make the insurance?

    In any DSK Bank office across the country.

    You can find more information about the insurance terms and conditions and how to make it in any office of the bank.

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