24 hours access to your business accounts

Internet Banking

Through DSK Direct Internet Banking you get 24-hour access to all your business accounts

Your advantages:

  • Quick access to all your business accounts and resources

  • Setting flexible user access rights and defining individual limits for all your employees

  • Sending package and salary payments with a wide range of valid file formats

  • Lower fees for banking operations

  • Access to all your business accounts with a single username and password

  • Keeping track of various details regarding your accounts through references and reports

  • Easy and convenient regular and automatic transfers with saved forms and beneficiaries

Have a look at the DSK Direct user guide for business clients:

DSK Direct Manual

User guide DSK Direct

With DSK Direct Internet banking you have the opportunity to follow:


  • The balance, credit and debit operations on all your accounts

  • Utility payments made (electricity, water etc.)

  • Performed operations with your business bank cards

  • Your business credits

  • The status of ordered transfers

  • Current exchange rates applied by DSK Bank for main currencies with which the Bank works

Ordering payments:

  • Between own company accounts in DSK Bank

  • Currency exchange (including at an agreed rate for transactions over EUR 5,000)

  • Intrabank payments in BGN and foreign currency

  • Interbank payments in BGN and foreign currency

  • Budget payments

  • Mass file payments – salaries, suppliers, budget

  • Utility payments

  • To request/disable SMS services

When signing payments, you have the possibility to choose one of the following tools:

  • DSK mToken Mobile App

  • SMS code in combination with a digital certificate from the Bank

  • Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) with SMS code.

How much does it cost?

You pay fees and commission for Internet banking according to the set Bank Tariff and depending on the tariff plan you have chosen.

What should I do?

Visit a DSK Bank office near you and fill in the Request for access to DSK Direct for business clients.



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