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Corporate Social Responsibility

Projects in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

Responsible bank with responsible people

We, at DSK Bank, realize that economic development is no longer possible without ecological and social improvement. We are also aware of the responsibility that we have towards society.

That is why we are committed to creating and supporting environmentally friendly projects and charity models that encourage positive change and building a sustainable future.

Our priorities:

1. Financial education and innovations

National Financial Games for better financial literacy

The National Financial Games are our modern educational program aimed to raise the financial knowledge of youngsters in Bulgaria. By using accessible language with the teenagers, we aim to provoke their curiosity about financial knowledge. Team participants and their parents compete annually, following the principles of student Olympiads, however using the latest contemporary methods and digital platforms.

We are proud that the National Financial Games initiative was recognized with two first-place awards in Sustainable Development/Corporate Social Responsibility category in the PR Prize 2019 competition of the Bulgarian Public Relation Association, and in the Educational Idea category of the b2b Media Annual Awards.


2. Early childhood development

    Inspiring partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria

    We started our partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria more than 10 years ago and we have supported the association’s activities with BGN 3 856 000 for the duration of this period  . The amount comes from annual corporate sponsorship, customers’ donations via the Bank’s ATMs and via our online banking, and personal DSK Bank employees’ donations.

    As a sign of great gratitude, SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria has repeatedly awarded us the Most Significant Corporate Partner awardл


    Together on tour with National Geographic Kids ​- club „Little Discoverers“

    For the fifth time in a row, DSK Bank is the general sponsor of the initiative, which aims to develop children's potential and knowledge through games and pleasant experiences. Every year the theme of the tour is different, but the event brings together hundreds of kids in the biggest cities of the country. We welcome them to every event with special surprises to make learning even more fun.


    3. Art and culture

We support inspiring projects in the field of art and culture. Our focus is on the development of young talents and their fulfillment.

Improving the urban environment

A city like people is our initiative to improve the urban environment. Through it, we believe that we can achieve our mission, namely to live in a city like humans. The aim of our campaign is to draw public attention to the problem of vandalism and scratching ugly graffiti on the walls of buildings and other public places by transforming selected locations into works of street art.

For the first edition of the campaign we focus on the city of Sofia. We believe that Sofia can be better, that everyone should feel accepted, that the walls that divide us can bring us together.


4. Environmental protection 

    We are proud to say that we are actively financing „green projects“, and at the end of 2020 „green investments“ take EUR 91 million of DSK Bank’s loan portfolio.

    In general, such projects have to do with construction of renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic power plants, power plants, biogas plants, recycling equipment, in particular a recycling line for PET material, and others. 

    In addition, in partnership with the Regional Fund for Urban Development (RFUD), we support a variety of sustainable projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency of a number of public buildings in the country, including community centers, stadiums, swimming pools and others.

    Moreover, together with RFUD and our subsidiary - OTP Leasing, DSK Bank finances a number of projects to ensure environmentally friendly public transportation in the country.


    5. Volunteer initiatives for employees

We love to help as well as play sports, so we actively participate in charity sports competitions such as Run2Gether, Business Run, Games for Goodness, and many others.

We organize internal charity events to support disadvantaged children, such as Martenitza Charity Bazaar, Christmas Brunch, Sports Day with a cause, and others. Oh, My Goodness, BCause, For Our Children are among the foundations we support.

„The Green Week initiative is our gesture to nature. We organize it every season. Under the motto DSK Bank with a Thought for Tomorrow, for a period of one week we share with our colleagues and discuss information, facts, advice on a selected green topic, which is different for each issue - water, waste, paper, and electricity. We also take part in exciting green challenges with the ultimate goal of raising our colleagues’ ecologically friendly engagement and creating a cleaner environment.


As part of OTP Group, every year DSK Bank submits information for the Group’s report on corporate social responsibility, which considers the sustainable performance of subsidiaries in accordance with the principles and standards of the Global Reporting Initiative

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