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DSK Direct is the preferred online banking of small and large companies which perform their daily business operations much more easily by using DSK Direct wide range of effective online solutions!

DSK Direct allows you to quickly and easily:

  • Manage your funds

  • Sign declarations and documents

  • Manage online your employees’ rights: change a user phone number and/or email address, remove a user and more.

  • Open an additional account online, submit a request to close an account, issue a bank reference (certificate), issue/reissue a debit card.

DSK Direct key features

You can take a closer look at DSK Direct key features HERE.


What’s new?

New in e-banking for business customers

Menu Cards – cards visibility

Since Aug 2023 cards visibility is defined by assigning users the specific right Debit Cards and/or Credit Cards. You can do that by filling in the relevant application form in a bank office.

Business clients:

  • The company legal representative will view all company cards regardless of the cardholder;

  • Authorized users will view all cards issued to the company regardless of the cardholder;

  • Cardholder – If the cardholder already uses DSK Direct, they will see all cards issued to his/her name and the company holder to whose e-banking he/she has access to.

Menu Cards > Details – Spend limits

  • Displaying balance and spend limits to business credit cards;

Menu Cards > New tab ‘Credit cards Statements’

Menu Requests > Open a current account – Two signatories (out of total 2):

  • Legal representatives of companies with method of representation ‘Together’ (with 2 signatories out of 2) can now open an additional account via DSK Direct

Menu Requests > Open a current account – Two signatories (out of total 2):

  • Legal representatives of companies with method of representation ‘Together’ (with 2 signatories out of 2) can now open an additional account via DSK Direct

Menu Requests > Debit card issuance – Two signatories (out of total 2):

  • Legal representatives of companies with method of representation ‘Together’ (with 2 signatories out of 2) can now issue a debit card via DSK Direct

Menu Requests > New request ‘Attach Document’

  • You can attach a missing/expired ID card from here, or a document for legal activity (permission/license)

All details can be found here

Select one of the electronic signature options:

DSK mToken Mobile App
SMS code in combination with a digital certificate from the Bank

Take a look at DSK Direct main features:

  • Open an additional current account in the following currency: BGN, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF – totally online (You can open 1 or 2 accounts at the same time in the same or different currency)
  • Submit a request to close an account (to be approved by a bank employee)
  • Issue/ reissue a debit card – completely online
  • Issue a bank reference/certificate in Bulgarian or English language* – completely online
  • Access to all company accounts with a single username and password
  • Access to several companies through 1 profile (the so-called consolidated access)
  • Reports displaying details about transactions for a selected account and time period
  • Depositors’ List – creating a list with employees (acts as a letter of attorney) who can deposit funds to a company account of your choice - completely online
  • Ordering various payments, using already saved templates and beneficiaries; following each transfer status;
  • Packet (mass) payments and salary payments by uploading a wide range of file formats (MT101, MT100, MT103, XML, CSV, etc.)
  • Payments between own accounts at DSK Bank, intrabank and interbank payments in BGN and foreign currency;
  • Mass file payments – salaries, suppliers and to the state budget;
  • Currency exchange (including at an agreed rate for transactions over EUR 5,000)
  • Following the balance, credit and debit operations on all your accounts, utility payments made and the status of sent transfers
  • Приложимите от Банка ДСК текущи валутни курсове за основните валути, с които Банката работи
  • POS reports – daily, weekly and monthly reports for your POS transactions for a chosen time period and all POS devices*
*Fees are applicable pursuant to the Bank Tariff.
  • The menu Loans provides information such as fees due, overdue fees, and other details, including the possibility of loan repayment completely online.
  • Submitting a loan utilization request, a new loan application (request), loan renewal request as well as issuing or amending bank guarantees (menu Requests > New Request)
*Please note that only certain types of loans can be utilized and paid off via DSK Direct  Please contact your relationship manager for more information.
Documents and Declarations
  • Filling in and submitting mandatory legal documents, such as Tax and Social Security Declaration, Political Exposure Declaration and Declaration of Beneficial Owner
  • Filling in and submitting KYC Questionnaire and Information bulletin – completely online.
  • Utility payments for registered bills
  • Requesting SMS notification about morning balance, utility payments, incomes, ordered transfers/withdrawals from an account.
Possibilities to change rights through electronic banking

Log into DSK Direct or sign up in order to manage users’ rights online:

  • change a user mobile phone number and/or email address;
  • change a user method of signing (electronic signatures);
  • change the company limits;
  • remove a user/users.

*Assigning rights (specific rights) to users who are not legal representatives of the company is done by filling in the relevant form in a bank office.

You can read more about the specific rights and what features (online request) are included in them HERE

User Guides:

Sign up for DSK Direct online banking:

  • If you wish to get access to DSK Direct please visit a convenient Bank office and sign an agreement, declaration to create your user name and password and an application form for access (see below) to define the rights each user will have to the company account(s).

  • If you already use DSK Direct, you can change the rights/access to some of your employees (users) by visiting a convenient branch and filling in an application for change of access (see below).

    The documents can also be signed using QES (Qualified Electronic Signature).

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