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Provide easy, secure and reliable card payment in your online store through the intuitive virtual POS of DSK Bank.

With a virtual POS, any online shop or market place can connect to the systems of DSK Bank, and your customers will be able to pay for their order with a card. The funds from the payment go directly to your account, opened in DSK Bank.

The service is applicable for:

  • Online shops;

  • Providing online services;

  • Market places;

  • Hotel reservations and others.

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Банка ДСК бизнес виртуален ПОС


  • No installation and / or annual servicing fee

  • The commission is negotiable               

  • Ability to make online payments 24/7

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Through the service you receive:

  • Reliability and security of all payments in real time, easy and convenient payment via debit or credit card;

  • Track payments through your profile in real time and receive the amounts quickly in your account in DSK Bank;

  • You have the funds from payments available through business cards or online banking/Multicash;

  • You use the current account for the needs of your business (incl. inclusion in a package program for clients of Small business segment);

  • Ability to save the card data for subsequent payments in a secure environment through your online shop;

  • What you pay is a commission, the amount of which is negotiable. The commission is a percent of the transaction amount. .


    Your client places an order amounting of 50 BGN. He chooses to pay via card. If the agreed commission is 1,20%, the price of the service will be 0,60 BGN.

Integrate Your online shop with Virtual POS of DSK Bank in 3 easy steps

Банка ДСК Бизнес клиенти ПОС

1. Request the service online

After requesting the service, we will contact You. The Bank will consider your request, and once approved – we will send you an offer. You accept the offer and sign a contract!

2. Integrate your Virtual POS

The Bank provides technical documentation for the integration of the Virtual POS with your site. See technical requirements.

3. You can now accept secure card payments

You can now complete online sales quickly and easily

Security of the service of DSK Bank

Payment is made through payment page of the Bank and the use of an encrypted channel for connection between the online shop and the Bank’s server. Thus, the merchant does not have access to sensitive data such as card number and additional identifications of the cardholder.

The Bank guarantees exceptional security when servicing card payments through protection schemes “Visa Secure” and “Mastercard Identity check”.

The DSK Bank is your partner in the implementation of secure e-business by strictly complying with the regulatory requirements of the International Card Organizations and assisting in compliance with legal requirements in accordance with the regulations in the country and the EU.

DSK Bank Virtual POSDSK Bank Virtual POS  


Security of the service of DSK Bank

DSK Bank has PCI DSS Certificate (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) – global standard for security and safety of card transactions and payments on the Internet, which includes requirements in 6 main areas: building and maintaining a secure network, protection against data theft, developing and maintaining a vulnerability management program, implementing access control measures, monitoring and testing the network, and maintaining and implementing information security policy.

DSK Bank Virtual POS

Requirements for receiving a Virtual POS

In case the activity requires additional permits, licenses, and etc., they need to be assured and provided when applying for a virtual POS.

The company needs to be registered under Bulgarian law.

In the site must be clearly announced: prices, currency, contacts, the Policy for protection of the confidentiality of the personal data of the Clients (GDPR), general terms and conditions, refusal conditions, delivery policy, complaints policy, the dispute resolution procedure and all necessary requisites according to the normative requirements.

Other useful functionalities of Virtual POS

Ability for full or partially refund via „REFUND“ transaction, where the amount is refunded on cardholder’s account. The service is used for complaints, return of goods within the legal period and etc.

The service is applicable for each merchant.


Stella’s dream is to have her own boho style fashion line. In 2018 she made her first collection of clothing accessories, which she advertised on social networks. The clothes arouse great interest and are sold within a week. Since then, Stella has many successful collections, created an online store and already has regular customers. As these are clothes, it sometimes happens that the size is not appropriate or the clothes do not fit the buyer well. Stella understands the needs of her clients, so it is convenient for her to use the „refund “function, in which the amount paid is returned directly to the cardholder’s account.

Additional functionality that allows the cardholder’s profile to save the card data on your online shop, which facilitates subsequent payment to you.

The service is applicable for merchants with online business, which involves regular customers, for whom it is convenient not to enter the card data every time shopping.


Ivan has loved animals since he was a child and has always had a pet at home. Graduated in Marketing, started working in the Marketing Department of a direct sells chain. The work is interesting and dynamic, but after 7 years Ivan feels exhausted, although he really likes what he does. So he decided to combine his love of animals with his marketing experience, and set up an online store for accessories and pet food. Soon Ivan has regular customers who order periodically from the store, confident in the quality of goods and fast delivery. The bank advises Ivan to give its customers the opportunity to save the card data in their account for subsequent payments which will facilitate the ordering process and save them time. Ivan includes the offered functionality and soon receives positive feedback from its regular customers. The saving of the card data is in a secured environment in the Bank’s systems.

Additional functionality that allows temporary blocking of a certain amount on the client’s card, according to an agreed commitment with the merchant. Payment for the service/purchase of the goods is made at a later stage.

The service is applicable for hotels, travel agencies and tour-operators, rent-a-car and/or other means of transport, B2B trade.


Dobri and Tedy are retired teachers. They decide to leave the big city and use a heritage plot in the Rodopes, where they have built a family hotel. They welcome guests all year round, as the beautiful nature and tranquility of the mountains attract many tourists. They often use authorizations when booking, which is convenient for both them and their guests who return periodically. Payment is due when their guests leave the hotel.

Additional functionality that enables to generate and send a link for one-time payment (pay by link) in a secured environment of the DSK Bank server, without the need for software integration with virtual POS. The service can be used alone or as a supplement to a virtual POS.

The service is applicable for hotels, rent-a-car and/or other means of transport, travel agencies and tour-operators, B2B trade, fast foods that offer delivery as an additional service, small business with few orders online.


Peter is a third generation lawyer specializing in computer law. Five years ago, he created a private law practice. He creates a site through which he promotes his work through advertising among his potential clients. He works mainly with software companies, which he advises on legal issues. Most clients have contracts and pay bank transfer, but sometimes Peter also advises individuals who need legal advice in the area. In the changing environment of recent years, consultations are increasingly online. For those clients it is convenient to pay via card, therefor Peter relies to his servicing bank – DSK, offering him the proper function „Pay by link” of the virtual POS, as a convenient and fast tool not requiring additional modifications to the site.

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