Specialized Cash Management Services

Specialized Cash Management Services

DSK Bank offers specialized cash management services for its corporate clients

For our corporate clients operating on the local or international markets DSK Bank provides a wide range of specialized services in order to facilitate management, control and monitor the accounts, opened in different countries::

  • МТ 101 –allows a bank operation from an account in DSK Bank (in standardized international bank format) via SWIFT
  • МТ 940 / 942 – Standardized format of statements for corporates across the world. Statements are distributed via SWIFT channel or customers can access them through e-banking tools of DSK Bank - DSK Direct / Multicash
  • Cash pooling (Money concentration) –a specialized bank service, which provides the possibility to create a centralized system for efficient management of cash flows. This service is specially designed and suitable for companies with many accounts
  • Possibility for direct ERP integration through Multicash Transfer Autoclient, in order to automate process for payments orders and receiving account statements.


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