Asset Management

Payments in local currency

DSK Bank offers to its corporate clients variety of flexible payment solutions which could be initiated both through the existing e-banking systems or in the offices of the bank.

BGN payments in the country:


  • Transfers up to 30 000 BGN which are ordered until 18:30 are executed with value date on the same working day

  • All transfers above 30 000 BGN which are ordered until 17:00 are executed with value date on the same working day.


RINGS – system for BGN payments which are equal or more than 100 000 BGN. In case of need, payments up to 100 000 BGN also could be processed via RINGS.

  • Transfers which are ordered until 15:15 are executed with value date on the same working day, up to 1 hour after receiving the payment order;

  • Payments ordered after 15:15 will be executed on the same working day but with value date on the next working day;


BLINK Transfers

  • Transfers for amounts less than or equal to BGN 10 000 are executed 24 hours a day, every calendar day of the year within seconds after entry into the Bank's systems.


Intrabank BGN payments

All transfers are executed when they are received in the bank and the funds are transferred to beneficiary account immediately.


Direct Debit orders

This service combines 3 types of orders:

  • Agreement for Direct Debit – it is presented by the payer in the office of the Bank as a ground for payment upon request of a counterparty;

  • Direct Debit order – it is initiated by the client, when it requires to receive a certain amount from the counterparties accounts;

  • Payment upon received Direct Debit order – it is executed by the bank of the payer upon received Direct Debit order from a counterparty, in case client of DSK Bank agrees to pay and if certain conditions are fulfilled.


Periodic payments

This service allows execution of regular payment orders between 2 or more accounts opened in the bank, with predefined frequency and in the same currency.


Bundle payments

This service allows to order via e-banking more than one payment, at once. Each order is executed as a separate transfer and information of this payment is presented in the statement as a separate transaction.


Mass payments

This service allows you to arrange payments to many individual recipients, who can be clients of DSK Bank or not, at once (like salaries, sick leaves, etc.). Information of this payment is presented in the statement as a single transaction which ensures confidentiality of the payment.


Payment of dividends and rents

The bank offers a cashless repayment service from the paying company to the accounts of the recipients. The disbursement is made after a contract is signed between the payer company and the Bank and after submission of detailed information about the payees and their accounts as per the Bank's format:

  • For dividends;

  • In connection with campaigns for purchase of agricultural produce or payment of annuities.

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