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ProtectInvest Life Insurance

What is this type of insurance?

This product combines Life insurance covers with option to invest the amount in an investment fund covered on international financial markets.

Whom this product is appropriate for?

This product is appropriate for customers with investment horizon of 5 to 25 years who think both for their savings and for the opportunity to ensure financial security for their heirs.

What do you get with ProtectInvest?

✓ Access to international financial markets through the Europe’s biggest company in terms of managed assets – Amundi, managing more than EUR 1.7 billion via six investment centers

✓ Life Insurance that covers the following risks:

  • Death due to illness;
  • Death due to accident;
  • Survival at the end of the contract.

✓ Investment portion giving the opportunity to invest in one or more of the following funds at your choice:

✓ Freedom to change the investment structure in funds other than the initially chosen funds.

✓ Upon occurrence of Survival risk, the beneficiaries will receive the insured amount (the net value of assets under the contract).

✓ In case the death due to illness or accident risk is covered, the beneficiaries will receive not less than the value of the net premium paid by the insuring party (less redemptions, if any).

✓ Option for full or partial redemption at any time during the term of validity of the contract (after the expiration of the 30 days’ waiver period)

Why should you choose ProtectInvest unit-linked insurance??

✓ Security for your close relatives in case of occurrence of insurance event Death

✓ Option to make use of your money through full or partial redemptions, without charges after the 5th year

✓ It is up to you to invest and for what time horizon (from 5 to 25 years)

✓ You can distribute your money in one or in a combination of the three funds, and at your choice, you can change the structure of your investment by transferring money among the funds;

If you are interested and if you need more information, you can contact your private banker or visit some of the DSK Bank offices indicated on the map.



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