Travel Assistance Insurance by Groupama

Ensures 24 hours’ assistance in case of need of emergency medical care abroad

Travel assistance insurance provides 24/7 emergency medical assistance during your travel abroad. You can sign up completely online at any time!

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Enter the parameters of your travel, the desired coverages and calculate a price

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Enter the personal data for you and all passengers

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Pay online with your debit/ credit card and you will receive a policy after minutes to your email address

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Advantages for you:

  • Prices from 0.90lv. daily with included Covid-19 coverage;

  • Sum insured from 5 000 to 100 000 EUR/USD of your choice;

  • No age limit when taking out the insurance;

  • Coverage while working or playing sport (amateur or professional).

What is the coverage of Travel assistance insurance?

Covered risks
Limit of liability

Main risk

* In the currency of the main cover

from 5 000 EUR/USD to 100 000 EUR/USD

Medical costs due to accident and/or

sudden illness, including COVID-19 coverage limit of expenses;

up to 5000 EUR/USD

Emergency dental care;

to 150 EUR/USD

Medical transportation to the Republic of Bulgaria;


Repatriation in case of death;


Costs for healthcare provider or a family member

accompanying the injured person.


Additional cover

from 1 000 EUR/USD to 10 000 EUR/USD

Death due to accident;


Permanently reduced or lost working capacity

due to accident.


Extended coverage "Other travel related risks"

А) Luggage and documents

Lost personal luggage;

up to 200 EUR/USD per piece of luggage and

up to 400 EUR/USD in aggregate;

Delayed personal luggage;

up to 50 EUR/ USD for up to 24 hours’ delay and

up to 100 EUR/USD for more than 24 hours’ delay;

Reimbursement of costs for stolen or lost documents

up to 100 EUR/USD

B) Change of stay

Extending the stay

up to 4 nights with limit of up to 50 EUR/USD per night;

Early emergency return

up to 500 EUR/USD;

C) Camping

Fire, lightning, explosion, natural disasters, etc.

up to 250 EUR/USD;

Costs for temporary accommodation;

up to 50 EUR/ USD per day; up to 2 days;

General third party liability

up to 250 EUR/USD

Multitrip Annual Policy

A variant of Travel Assistance, insurance that provides round-the-clock worldwide assistance for multiple trips abroad within a calendar year а.

You can choose your insurance coverage with a length of stay up to 30. 60 and 90 days and an insurance amount from 10 000 EUR/USD TO 50 000 EUR/USD

Apply for online insurance here.

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