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Bank Card Delivery by Courier

New service offered by DSK Bank

General information

You can request a delivery of any new or renewed (due to expired validity) bank card* to a shipping address on the territory of Bulgaria. The cards are delivered by a courier company within one to three businness days after sending the shipment by DSK Bank, depending on the location

How much does delivery cost?

You can request your card by courier at no charge to a specified address now!**


How to activate your new card delivered by courier?

  • Send a short message (SMS) to number 184343.The message should contain the 8-digit code printed in the letter enclosed with the card, and the last six digits of your personal identification number (If you are not registered with Bulgarian National ID in the bank`s system, you can receive the last 4 digits of your identifier by contacting our Call Center at 0700 10 375 / * 2375);
  • You will receive a temporary PIN in response;
  • The temporary PIN must be changed at an ATM of DSK Bank, thus activating your card.


How to activate your renewed card delivered by courier?

  • Choose an ATM of DSK Bank;
  • Insert your bank card into the ATM;
  • Enter your current PIN and your card will be activated.

* The service is not available for virtual cards as they cannot be used at ATMs

**The promotion is valid until November 1, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Your bank card will be delivered by Express One (M&BM Express)
You can activate your card at an ATM of DSK Bank only
The delivery fee will be automatically collected from the bank account linked to your card when the shipment is handed over by DSK Bank to the courier company. Cash on delivery is not allowed.
An SMS containing PIN request will be processed and you will receive a response containing the temporary PIN only if the message is sent from the phone number you specified when ordering the card delivery. Temporary PIN requests received from another phone number will not be processed, even if the data contained is correct.
You will be charged according to terms of your mobile operator tariff plan. You will not be charged by DSK Bank
You can change the delivery address by contacting the courier company on the telephone available in the SMS. You will not be charged for a one-time shipment redirection.
You can receive you card from a DSK Bank office:
New card - from the office you requested when issuing your bank card
Renewed card - from the office where you received your old card with an expiring validity.

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