Insurance for you - overdraft protection

Overdraft Credit Service Security Group Insurance by Groupama

Financial protection for you and your family
in case of unexpected events due to accident

With group insurance "Peace to credit service Overdraft" you receive receive financial collateral for you and your family in case of adverse events with the life and health of the insured persons.

How to apply for group insurance "Overdraft Credit Service Security Group Insurance"?

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Choose the DSK Bank office that is most convenient for you and visit it



On site in the office, the "Pension Funds and Insurance Products" service stated


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You receive your policy on paper immediately


Advantages for you:

  • Protects your finances in the event of a life and health event;

  • Easy way of payment through periodic credit transfer;

  • A wide selection of coverages and insurance amounts;

  • Competitive insurance premium;

  • Active coverage with a grace period of 65 days;

  • Quick and easy conclusion of the policy.

What is the coverage?

Overdraft Credit Service Security Group Insurance
Insurance sum
(is chosen by an insurance entity)
from 500, 1 000, 2 000, 3 000, 4 000, 5 000, 6 000, 7 000, 8 000, 9 000, 10 000, 11 000, 12 000 leva/ euro
Main covers

Death of the insured person due to accident

Total and irreversible loss of autonomy (TILA) as a result of accident


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