Consumer Loans

Consumer loans from DSK Bank

Consumer loans for financing
your plans

Standard Consumer Loan

For all your wishes – we have the right solution


The overdraft provides you with additional funds at any time on a current account to which your salary or pension is transferred

Credit Expert

For clients practicing free professions. It is designed for both investment and working needs.

Loan for Pensioners

Consumer loan up to BGN 15 000/EUR 7 500

Student Loan

Plan your future – for your training and development

Cash Secured Loan

The collateral is cash funds on DSK bank account, no need to certify in addition your income

For training in exchange programs Usit Colours

Loan for pupils, students and doctoral students for financing under the USIT COLOURS program.

Sailors Loan

Take advantage of the opportunity for additional funds with a consumer loan for seafarers

Dental treatment loan

Intended to fund all dental procedures and supplies planned or incurred during treatment


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