Easy online banking

DSK Smart

DSK Bank’s mobile banking application
for individual clients

A single app with many applications.

The mobile app is free for iOS and Android. You can download it here:

How to activate DSK Smart on your phone:

Step 1

Download DSK Smart on your mobile device.

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Step 2

Open the app and click the buttons "Activate" and "Activate by SMS".

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Step 3

Enter your username and password for DSK Direct.

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Step 4

You will receive a code via SMS on your pre-authorized mobile number.

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In order to add and account which you would like to monitor on DSK Smart, access your account in DSK Direct, select the menu option “Smart application” and fill in your account details.

If you do not have access to the online banking platform DSK Direct, you can register here:  Online banking DSK Direct from DSK Bank (dskdirect.bg)


If you have forgotten your username and password, you can learn how to recover them here: Online banking DSK Direct from DSK Bank (dskdirect.bg)


Our new feature “Blink P2P” is now available in your mobile banking app DSK Smart! 

  • No tax until 30.09.2024 

  • No need to enter IBAN number 


The DSK Smart mobile banking app gives you access to:

Bank Transfers:

  • Schedule transfers by phone number 

  • Third-party bank transfers with an authorized signature from a token, the mobile app DSK mToken, or a verification code via SMS 

  • Utility bill payments

  • Transfers between your personal accounts 

Account Statements:

  • Receive statements for up to three of your personal accounts even before you log-in to the app

  • Your personal credit information such as available credit, statement balance, payment due date, and more

  • Utility bill statements

  • Transaction history in DSK Smart

Manage your funds:

  • Information about temporary account freezes and card limits

  • Virtual savings

  • Virtual card top-ups

  • Manage your current accounts

Information about products and services:

  • Online credit applications (credit cards, personal credits, overdrafts)

  • Messages from the DSK Bank

  • Your personal credit information such as available credit, statement balance, payment due date, and more

  • Information about currency conversions and rates.

  • Information about your bank cards 

  • Information about our bank offices and branches.

You can personalize your DSK Smart app

  • Access the app through biometric data or pin code

  • Activate dark mode or change your screen orientation to horizontal

  • Add shortcuts to your main screen, gaining easy access to your most used features

DSK smart has a new design, updated features, and can be activated on more than one device or tablet.

Download the most recent version of the DSK Smart app for free on GooglePlay, AppStore, or AppGallery:

App Store DSK Smart
Google Play DSK Smart
Huawei App Gallery DSK Smart


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