Foreign Currency Services

Foreign Currency Services

Foreign Currency Services

DSK Bank JSC offers to its clients a service for execution of cross-border transfers in over 80 currencies, other than those in which the bank maintains correspondent accounts. These payment orders are executed under the following conditions:

  •  At a exchange rate known in advance on the day of the payment order and with standard charges for transfers of foreign currency to other banks outside EEA and transfer in currencies other than EUR to other banks in EEA

  •  This service is available in more than 80 currencies such as Hong Kong Dollars, Thai Bats, Mexican pesos and many other currencies

  •  These payment orders can be initiated in any branch of DSK Bank JSC

DSK Bank JSC executes orders for payments on accounts in the branch network of the bank, on accounts in other Bulgarian banks, on accounts in foreign banks from all over the world, according to the legislation in force in the country.

You can receive payments in foreign currency ordered in your favour from other branches of the Bank, from other Bulgarian banks, as well as from foreign banks from around the world.

DSK Bank JSC is also intermediary in check payments in Euros, British Pounds and Canadian Dollars: performs issuance and collection of bank checks.

The Bank purchase and sale of foreign currency against Bulgarian Levs, as well as executes arbitrage operations from one foreign currency to another on a bank account or at a cash desk.

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