DSK mToken

DSK mToken

With DSK mToken signing bank transfers and
documents is easier than ever

What is DSK mToken?


DSK mToken is a mobile application that allows you to confirm transfers and documents for personal and business clients, completed through online banking DSK Direct and through the app DSK Smart.  It also allows you to confirm online payments with your bank cards.
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How is DSK mToken activated?

purple download

Download DSK mToken on your phone

Green phone

Log-in to DSK Direct and click the “Settings” menu, selecting “DSK m Token”

Blue phone

Add a new device and follow the steps, as shown on your DSK Direct screen

Purple lock

Enter the temporary PIN you received by SMS from the bank

Green lock

Create a new password or biometric identification so you can successfully confirm transfers and documents

Your Benefits:


Downloading and activating DSK mToken is completely free. You will not need an additional device, the app can be downloaded on your mobile phone.


Secure and safe two-factor authorization for every completed operation.


You can work offline and confirm transfers even if your phone doesn’t have internet access.

With DSK mToken you can:

  • Sign and confirm transfers to third-parties in DSK bank or other banks

  • Confirm online payments with your bank cards from merchants, who are part of the secure payments programme – Visa Secure and Mastercard Identity Check

  • Sign registration requests through DSK mToken by card, with a  3D password and temporary password, so you can create your personal PIN code, in order to give you approval for direct debit and more

  • Sign requests to open bank accounts, order debit cards, and more

  • Sign requests to issue and reissue bank cards


How can I request the DSK mToken service from DSK Bank?

Go to a DSK Bank branch and follow the steps below:

  • Step 1

  • Send a message saying “I want DSK mToken” through the contact form in the mobile banking app DSK Smart or DSK Direct.

    • Step 2

    • We will contact you by phone and guide you through the process of signing the request, the mobile application Evrotrust.

  • Step 3

  • Download the mobile app Evrotrust from the AppStore of the Google Play Store and follow the instructions to register. You can find out more information here

  • Step 4

  • After you receive a notification on your phone regarding your request in Evrotrust, open the application and sign the document.

  • Step 5

  • We will send you a SMS, when your new signature method DSK mToken is ready to be activated.


Signing a bank transfer with DSK mToken:

Step 1

Open DSK mToken by clicking the icon on your screen or by clicking the notification you receive on your mobile device.

empty image

Step 2

Click the button "Sign".

empty image

Step 3

Check the details of your transfer.

empty image

Step 4

Confirm the transaction with your PIN code, finger print ID, or face recognition.

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