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Donation Account DSK Pulse

This charity account helps raise money and help children who have no parents receive their education.
Предимства (only for admin)

DSK Pulse Donation Account serves to raise funds for charity (donation) for:

  • treatment abroad / locally

  • study abroad / locally

  • to support orphans

What is it?

  • It is designed for minors and adults

  • Donations can be from local and foreign individuals or legal entities

  • The purpose and term for raising and spending the funds are determined by the person who opens the account

  • The account can be in BGN, USD and EUR

  • The term of the contract can be extended once with an annex

  • Interest is accrued daily and is capitalized at the end of the year or when the account is closed

What are your advantages?

  • Security - behind the amounts on your Donor Pulse Donation Account is the Bank with the longest traditions in Bulgaria;

  • Where and how can you open a „DSK Pulse“ Donation Account?

    • In the nearest and most convenient for you branch of DSK Bank.

    • When opening an account, you are not required to deposit a minimum amount. You need to present a document certifying the purpose for which the account is opened.

    How to dispose of the amounts on the Donation Account "DSK Pulse"?

    • Disposal of the amounts on the Donor „DSK Pulse“ Donation Account may be made at any time only in the branch of the Bank in which the account of the account holder is opened. The adult holder manages his account personally or through a proxy with a notarized power of attorney. The disposal of accounts of minors and juvenile holders is carried out with the permission of the district court and:

      • in case of a minor holder (up to 14 years of age) - by his / her legal representative;

      • in case of a minor (from 14 to 18 years of age) - by the holder, with the consent of the parent / guardian or by a proxy.

    • The funds raised can be utilized in cash or non-cash.

    • After the expiration of the contract or the annex, if the funds raised are not used, the account is transformed into a standard current account when the account holder is an adult or in a children's deposit when the account holder is a minor, unless there is a written agreement between the donor and the account holder, submitted to the Bank, with a stipulation that the amounts will be reimbursed to the donor or his heirs.

    The deposit is guaranteed under the terms and conditions of the Bank Deposit Guarantee Act. The Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund guarantees full repayment of the amounts on deposits of one person in one bank, regardless of their number and amount up to a total amount of BGN 196,000.

Fees in accordance with the current Tariff of DSK Bank.

Minimum opening amount and interest rates on an annual basis:

Currency BGN EUR USD
Minimum amount none none none
Annual interest rates 0,00% 0,00% 0,00%

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Donation Account DSK Pulse

This charity account helps raise money and help children who have no parents receive education.

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