Conclude online insurance for your home with DSK Bank and Groupama

Sweet Home Standard Insurance by Groupama

Maximum home protection

Sweet Home Standard insurance is created for property owners with permanent residence. It offers a variety of over 15 covers. It can be issued separately or as collateral for a mortgage bank loan.

Issue policy online here

How to Issue Sweet Home Standard Policy online?

To issue Sweet home Standard policy choose the button Issue policy online here.

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It is necessary to fulfil the parameters of your property and to choose if you want to insure only your property, or to include your furniture. You could also add solar panels or a garage.

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Explore the additional coverage options that can be added to your insurance, along with their prices. Choose and add the ones that suit your needs and move on.

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It is necessary to enter the data for an insurer, the owner and the address of the insured property, 

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Review the information and pay quick and easy your insurance with your bank card. After finishing the payment you will receive the insurance policy on your e-mail.

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Advantages for you:

  • Discounts for sums insured over BGN 400,000

  • Insurance amount up to 4 million BGN

  • Simplified claim procedure

  • Wide range of additional covers

  • Online damage status tracking

  • Remote claim inspection via smartphone

What it covers?

Fire, lightening, explosion, implosion, collision or fall of a manned aircraft, its partsДа
Costs of cleaning and salvaging property Да
Natural disastersДа
Landslide and accumulation of earth layers Да
Damage to property as a result of being hit by vehicle or animal Да
Breaking glass, windows, advertising inscriptions and sighs Optional (up to 2500 BGN)
Water and steam leakage Optional (up to 2500 BGN)
Burglary Optional (up to 2500 BGN) + theft by technical means
Malicious acts of third parties Optional (up to 2000 BGN)
Intentional fire (arson) Optional (up to 2000 BGN)
Short circuit/ or electric shock Optional (up to 5000 BGN)
Third party liability Optional (up to 2500 BGN)
Fence, GarageOptional (up to 10 000 BGN)
Damage from neighbor's repair work Optional (up to 5000 BGN)
Cost of locksmith services Optional (up to 500 BGN)

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