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Standard Debit Cards

Contactless debit cards for your every day payments
Debit Mastercard PayPass and Visa Debit PayWave cards facilitate your daily routine, save your time and gives you an opportunity to make fast and safe transactions by eliminating the need to carry cash.

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  • No fee for POS payments at commercial outlets, contactless or not;

  • Option to link the card to accounts in different currencies - BGN, EUR or USD;

  • No PIN required for contactless payments for goods or services up to 100 BGN incl.

  • Safe online payments through DSK Direct и DSK Smart;

  • Free cash withdrawals from any ATM or POS device in the country or abroad;

  • Card control – SMS on every transaction

  • In case of lost or stolen card – block you card immediately through DSK Direct and DSK Smart. 

  • Manage your daily transaction limits easily through online banking platform DSK Direct and DSK Smart;

  • Safe online payments through Visa Secure and Mastercard Secure Cоde programs. Every payment you make online is verified with a static 3D password known only to you and a one-time dynamic 3D password, which you receive on your mobile phone number registered with the Bank.

How much does it cost?

  • No issuing fee for primary Visa Debit payWave / Debit Mastercard PayPass

  • No fee for reissuance of primary Visa Debit payWave / Debit Mastercard PayPass upon expiration.

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