Plain FX Forward

Window FX Forward

Negotiate FX rate for a certain period of time

In a window FX forward, the client has an obligation to sell one currency and buy another currency at a pre-agreed rate, and the fulfillment of the obligation can be done in parts (disbursements) in a certain interval (window). Usually the quotes for window FX forwards are better than those for flexible forwards.

Features of Window FX forward


Obligation for full performance to maturity

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Possibility for partial performances in a certain interval of time


Better quotes than those of the flexible forward

Example: The client enters into a window FX forward, with the obligation to sell EUR 1,000,000 and buy USD 1,190,500 at a maturity date of 30.11.2017 (maturity). The client can make utilizations during the period from 16.10 to 30.11.2017. The client makes two utilizations during the period: EUR 700 000 on 20.10 and EUR 300 000 on maturity (30.11). The utilizations are carried out at the previously agreed rate 1.1905.



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