Based on the Law on credit institutions and Law for protection of persons who report or publicly disclose information on breaches, DSK Bank has established a process for reporting violation of the values listed in the Code of Ethics and investigating such reports.

The main purpose of the Whistleblowing process is to provide Whistleblowers with the opportunity to report legal violations or violations of Code of Ethics of DSK Bank.

Whistleblowing report can be made:

  • by post - addressed to the Compliance Directorate (1036 Sofia, str. G. Benkovski №5
  • by email to etika@dskbank.bg
  • by phone - between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday via the Bank’s Whistleblowing Hotline (+359 2 80 10 999)
  • in person - from Monday to Friday during working hours (on a date agreed in advance) at the Compliance Directorate


In addition to the above channels, you can directly contact the officer investigating WB reports via his personal work phone: (+359-2) 80-10-064 or submit your signal to OTP Bank, DSK Bank or other subsidiary of the Group here.

Please note that the Whistleblowing Hotline provided for receiving legal violations and ethical reports is not the same as DSK customer service. If you wish to share your comments or submit a complaint about a product/service, you can do it on the customer feedback page on the website or DSK Direct (www.dskdirect.bg ), via email to call_center@dskbank.bg, by post to DSK Bank (1036 Sofia, str. G. Benkovski №5) or by calling 070010375 *2375 (the line is working 24/7).

The rules of Ethical conduct of DSK Bank and Partner Code of Ethics of DSK Bank are available below:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Partner Code of Ethics

  • Information related to the management of Notifications:

  • DSK Bank Process of Reporting unethical conduct
  • Privacy Notice on Data Processing

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