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Sali Kaba

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you and what is your current occupation?

Hi! My name is Sali Kaba. I have been working as a System Architect for 2 years already. However, before the merge of the banks, I worked as an IT Service Lead Engineer. My main focus was the business applications.

Why did you apply for a job at DSK Bank?

I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer systems and technology. Later on, I successfully completed my Master’s degree in Banking. My educational background determined my career development in banking - particularly DSK/Express Bank was an attractive employer. I started my job through the internship program, which I believe is full of great opportunities, provided by DSK Bank.

What motivates you to go to work each day?

I am in favor of implementing a new technological approach. In this line of thought, challenges related to digitalization and modernization are what motivates me to go to work every morning. For the last six months I have actively been working towards the development of cloud infrastructure not only for DSK Bank, but also for the OTP Bank Group as a whole.

Which value of DSK Bank do you identify with the most and why?

Innovatory thinking. Together with my co-workers we succeed in achieving goals that have not even been attempted before neither in DSK Bank, nor in the OTP Bank Group.

Where do you find meaning in your work?

I find the meaning in what we are working towards at the moment. My colleagues and I are going to lay the foundation of a very dynamic and modern future of DSK Bank in terms of technology.

When you were a child, what did you dream you would become?

I can happily say that I have fulfilled my childhood dream of working in the computer and technology field - in one way or another.

Do you recall what was the very first thing that you bought with your own money?

I can’t really remember what it was. However, I am certain that it can’t have been something rational.

What inspires you?

Achieving my goals. My tasks usually align with my intentions so executing them motivates me.

What skill would you like to master?

I would like to be more patient.

How do you usually spend your Sundays?

For my family and I Sundays are days for relax – we watch movies, football or read books at home. I rarely make serious arrangements. Since we live in Varna, we often go on long walks on the beach or in the Sea Garden.

What are your small victories?

My everyday victories are related to my colleagues – I feel accomplished when I help motivate a co-worker to operate outside of their comfort zone and achieve new things.

What are you most proud of?

My greatest accomplishment is my family.

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