SMS Услуги на Банка ДСК

SMS Services at DSK Bank

We will inform you instantly about
the state of your finances

It’s now easier than ever, to stay informed. Wе will send you an SMS with information about your available funds, or whether a successful utility bill payment has been completed.

What is it?

On a phone number provided by you, from the system of A1, Telenor, or Vivacom, you will receive a SMS message sent by DSK Bank:

  • Information about your available bank balance at the beginning of every work day

  • Paid or unpaid utility bill – you will be informed in a timely manner about whether a utility bill payment was successfully or unsuccessfully paid.

  • Card Control- you will be notified about any financial transaction completed with your personal bank card.  This service if free of charge for all clients with credit cards issued by DSK Bank.

  • Income notifications – you will receive information regarding any debits to your account, and you will also be able to see the exact sum 

  • Minimum  revolving amount – you will be informed about the final payment due date for the minimum revolving payment of your credit card

How much does it cost?

  • SMS fees are in-terms of number of messages sent in relation to the ongoing DSK Bank tariff , you can see more in the section “Online Banking”.

  • The activation of the service is free of charge

Your benefits:

  • Stay informed about all real time bank operations completed with your bank cards

  • Stay informed about whether or not you have paid your phone, electricity, or water bills

  • Start the day, knowing about your financial accounts

  • Get information about when your salary or pension funds are transferred into your accounts

  • Stay up to date with the minimum revolving credit card payment and its final due date

What will I need to do?

Visit a branch office with a convenient location, bring an ID and fill in a request form. Your SMS services will be activated through the internet channel DSK Direct.


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