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You may trade dematerialized gold against EUR or USD online. The investment in dematerialized gold is appropriate to you if you have free funds.

Take advantage of the gold price movement, without physically possessing it, by buying and selling gold against euros and US dollars.

You have the opportunity to manage more effectively your free funds in the environment of negative market interest rates.

The purchase and sale is carried out quickly and conveniently through a transaction through DSK Direct online banking.

The minimum amount, which may be traded, is 1 troy ounce of gold (1 XAU). You can find the steps here

We offer you:


Purchase and sale of dematerialized gold on current account against euro and US dollar


Minimal transaction amount - 1 troy ounce (or 31,1034768 grams) of gold


Fast, safe and convenient trading through DSK Direct online banking


No opening and closing fees for gold accounts

Advantages of investing in dematerialized gold:

  • Benefit from the gold price movement without insurance and storage costs;

  • Appropriate in times of inflationary pressure or uncertainty in the capital markets;

  • Get real time quote from international markets;

  • Open and close positions in dematerialized gold in just a few steps.

In order to trade dematerialized gold, the client must:


Visit a DSK Bank branch once and conclude a contract for account for trading gold against currency


Have an account in EUR or USD and DSK Direct online banking

For queries please contact your private banker or us:

Kalina Yankova – Dealer, Treasury Sales Department - 02 93 91 130
Martin Georgiev - Dealer, Treasury Sales Department - 02 97 66 234

It is necessary to visit once branch of the Bank, in order to sign Contract for account for trading gold against currency. It is mandatory to have at least one account in euro or US dollars, which will be used for trading. From your account will be debited minimum monthly fee of 1.50 euro for natural persons and 5 euro for entities. For additional information, please contact Kalina Yankova (+359-2) 93 91 130.

Trading in gold is the buying and selling against EUR or USD without physically owning the asset. It is traded as currency pairs XAU/USD and XAU/EUR, similar to buying any other currency, for example, Euro or Turkish lira.

The advantages are:

  • May be traded fast, easy and safe – through the DSK Direct internet banking;

  • No additional expenses for storage, insurance, etc.;

  • Appropriate in times of inflationary pressure.

The least you can buy is 1 troy ounce (or 31.1034768 grams). There is no limit to the maximum quantity.

Transactions with dematerialized investment gold are not subject to VAT.

No, you can only buy and sell dematerialized gold on your gold account.

No additional costs and fees are due when buying or selling dematerialized gold. There are buy/sell quotes in DSK Direct.
The balance in the gold account are not protected by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund (BDGF) under the Bank Deposits Guarantee Act (BDGA) and are not subject to compensation by the Investor Compensation Fund under the Public Offering of Securities Act.

The risk is similar to the currency trading risk. There is a possibility that the value of gold will go up or down as a result of market factors. It is important to keep in mind the purpose of trading, for example - quick and short-term profit or as a long-term investment; in order to protect against inflationary risks; or to diversify as part of a larger portfolio of financial instruments.

Buying and selling dematerialized gold is executed in the same manner – through the DSK Direct functionality for currency trading. Please, get acquainted with the Manual with screens and steps of the necessary actions.

The term depends on the investment needs and objectives of the clients and their strategy. The client can buy/sell on a fall/rise in price or hold the position for a longer horizon, in order to preserve the value of his capital from inflation or - for diversification purposes, as part of his portfolio of financial instruments.
In this case the gold is traded exclusively as dematerialized, which is one of the advantages, as it saves you storage costs, including insurance against damage and theft.
Currently, our clients can gain exposure to various commodities by purchasing units of exchange-traded funds that invest in the respective commodities, as well. It is necessary to conclude brokerage agreement and call (+359-2) 97 66 234 – Martin Georgiev with information what you would like to buy.

Investments in dematerialized gold are subject to market risk. The value of gold may go down and lead to losses for its holder. Investing in gold may not be appropriate to you, given your investment objectives and time horizon. The balances in the gold account are not guaranteed by the Bank Deposits Guarantee Fund (BDGF), nor are they subject to compensation by the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

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