Visa Infinite

Visa Infinite

Visa Infinite is your guarantee for impeccable quality and first class service all over the world

Visa Infinite

Fulfil your dreams with credit cards from DSK Bank. They give you comfort and flexibility to pay whenever you need, in a quick, easy and safe manner. Choose between the two of most world recognizable card brands – Visa and Mastercard.

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  • Exclusive discounts at selected retail outlets, hotels and resorts, rent-a-car services, and more;

  • Personal assistant 24/7 through the exclusive Visa Concierge 24 program;

  • High limits anytime, anywhere;

  • Up to 45-days grace period;

  • Option to choose a card in one of three currencies: BGN, EUR, or USD;

  • Optional - additional cards issued to you or another adult you choose;

  • A free Priority Pass card that gives you access to over 1,300 VIP lounges at airports around the world and lets you enjoy well-deserved comfort and convenience before every flight;

  • Secure internet payments: confirmation with your static PIN code and one time 3D password sent via SMS for online card payments at merchants participating in the security programs Visa Secure and Mastercard Secure Code;

  • Card control - free SMS notifications for transactions and notifications for monthly minimum due amount;

  • Paid access to VIP lounges at airports with the LoungeKey service on Visa Platinum credit cards;

  • Free Travel Assistance Insurance with cover up to EUR 40 000;

  • Fast payments via phone or smartwatch after adding a card via DSK Smart in mobile wallets for Android or iOS




How much I need to repay monthly and when?

Each month, on billing date (date you have selected previously usually 10th or 20th day of month) a minimum due amount is calculated (revolving amount) and needs to be deposited on the card account. The minimum due amount is not a fee but amount which makes your card to “revolve”. After depositing, it is again available to use.

Please, pay attention: You have to pay the minimum due amount within 15 calendar days following billing date. If you cover all your spending, no interest shall be due on the purchases in merchants for the last current period indicated in the card statement.

Where can I see how much I owe?

Each month, after the end of your credit card current period, the Bank generates a card statement which contains:

  • minimum due amount
  • due date
  • spent amount from the credit limit as well as the details for the transactions.

For your convenience, we offer you different possibilities for receiving your monthly statement:

  • Online via DSK Direct
  • In branch of DSK Bank;
  • On hard copy sent to your address

Information for minimum amount due can be obtained:

  • At branch of DSK Bank
  • Online via DSK Direct
  • Via SMS notification
  • Via our Call center (tel. 070010375 or *BDSK /*2375/).

Where can I pay the minimum due amount?

There are variety ways to settle your card obligations. You can easily pay your balance in full or pay it over time through one of the following options:

  • In branch of DSK Bank

  • Through bank remittance on the account of your credit card – in your online banking platform DSK Direct, in branch of DSK bank or from another bank;

  • Through mobile banking platform DSK Smart;

  • Cash in service – deposit on ATM of DSK Bank. The service is free of charge.

  • Recurring payment from your current account in DSK Bank (the service is free of charge and is offered only for the minimum due amount)



Money-Back Program

  • There is money-back discount of 1% applicable on POS transactions on POS in Bulgaria and abroad, including online. The program applies to all primary and supplementary cards of the customer.

  • The discount is paid off once a year – in December of the current calendar year for the transactions made through the previous 12-month, irrespectively from the time of card issuing and activation. The maximum money-back amount is limited to 200 BGN.

  • Money-back discount is paid off in BGN regardless of the currency of the card

  • If customer has more than one credit card, the money-back discount is paid off on the card with lower available credit limit as of the transaction date. If the currency of the card is different than BGN, the Bank applies the respective currency exchange rate as of the date of transaction. 

Bonus in case of full repayment of due amount

In case you pay your outstanding balance in full within 15 calendar days period after billing date, no interest shall be due for the purchases on POS in merchants, including online, for the last current period indicated in the statement.

Bonus for active customers

In case you make minimum 5 transactions for at least 500 BGN (purchases or ATM) in a single billing period, you can benefit from 1.5% lower interest rate on your credit card balance during the next billing cycle.



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