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DSK Mobile provided an innovative solution for contactless payments in Sofia public transport

Thanks to an innovative solution of DSK Mobile - a subsidiary of DSK Bank as of today the Urban Mobility Center introduces a system for contactless payments in Sofia land public transport. Thus, the movement of nearly 2 million citizens and guests of the Bulgarian capital becomes easier and more convenient.

“We have seen in the past year how fast technologies penetrated and settled in our lives. The challenges we stumbled upon motivated even the most reserved among us to start banking via our mobile phones, shop online and use contactless bank cards. Digitalization no longer belongs to the future, it is happening now. This is why it is important that together with our partners from Visa we were able to provide a solution of Sofia's residents and guests that will make their movement around the city easier and will meet the need for safer, easier and secure payment of transport within the city. By introducing this service through our subsidiary DSK Mobile, we proved once again that we are a responsible company focused on providing innovative solutions for the benefits of the entire society.” Tamas Hak-Kovacs, DSK Bank CEO, commented.

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