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A new generation office serves DSK Bank customers

Since the beginning of September, a top-class office has been serving DSK Bank customers in Sofia’s Iztok district. In addition to the ultra-modern design, fully compliant with the customer's convenience, the office has a separate waiting desk, where visitors will be able to perform a number of banking operations. The option to provide self-service in the new office is a priority. The extensive 24-hour zone accomodates 2 ATMs for installments and cash withdrawals, inquiries, payment of bills, installments on credit cards and commodity loans in DSK Bank, receiving MoneyGram transfers, etc. By using the ATMs on-site, the bank's customers have the opportunity to save, as for most of the operations fees are lower than in traditional banking.

The overall digitalization that the bank's experts have observed in recent years, the increased interest in remote banking and the use of more and more online services, directs DSK Bank's efforts to provide more self-service opportunities that save consumers time and money. The renewed "Pliska" branch of the bank is a step in this direction. DSK Bank's strategic focus is on ensuring a smooth transition from traditional to online banking.

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