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DSK Direct's information and services

With DSK Direct you can:

  • Pay your utility bills

  • Transfers between your personal accounts in DSK Bank, in BGN or other currencies

  • Make payments to state budget accounts

  • Manage your Virtual Card finances

  • Pay fines to the Traffic Police (KAT) through an automated system

  • Pay university fees

  • Pay local taxes and fees

  • Pay E-Invoices

  • Set automated minimum payments for specific accounts

  • Schedule periodic payments

  • Virtual check payments

With DSK Direct you can keep track of and monitor your up-to-date finances:

  • Check your account balance, payments, transactions in your curreent account, including savings, checking, and fixed deposit account

  • Information about your bank cards such as: status, recent transactions, and more

  • The calculated interest on all your accounts and deposits, relevant due dates and more

  • Account statements and credit card statements in PDF format

  • Monitor your pension fund at DSK – Rodina

  • Keep track of past utility payments (water, electricity, heating bills) and direct debits

  • Information about your personal credit (available credit, statement balance, payment due date, and more)

  •  Information about your bank transfers

  • Information about the shares you own in an investment fund

To confirm the transfer of funds to a third party from your account, you can choose one of the following methods:

  • One-time SMS verification code with a digital key)

  • Mobile application DSK mToken

  • Qualified electronic signature in combination with a one-time SMS verification code

With DSK you can take advantage of different savings offers:

  • With the  Virtual Savings Component you will have the opportunity to save while having instant access to you funds at all times, with no due dates, minimum payment requirements, or any additional fees.

With DSK Direct you can apply for different products and services offered by DSK Bank:

  • Apply online for a credit card, personal credit, or overdraft

  • Request a new debit card

  • Manage your SMS services and notifications

  • Schedule an appointment for a consultation in one of our branches

  • Apply to open a checking account

  • Open a Virtual Term Deposit

  • Schedule direct debits for your utility bills


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